Fair Operating Practices

Information Protection and Management

Strengthening information security

The AISIN Group verifies the value of all the information it handles and treats it confidentially. At the same time, we work to appropriately obtain, utilize, disclose, manage and protect information as well as comply with all pertinent laws and regulations such as the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and insider trading regulations in Japan.

Having continued to work on reinforcing management systems for entering and exiting buildings, strengthening information management systems and promoting security education and awareness at domestic Group companies, in fiscal 2016, we placed greater weight on awarenessraising and skills development. As such we held a legal seminar and joint study sessions on management of confidential information. Through these efforts, we seek to establish a robust system to manage confidential information across the entire Group, including Group companies both in and outside Japan.

AISIN Group joint study session
on confidential information management

Managing personal information

The AISIN Group complies with all laws and regulations related to protecting the personal information of customers, business contacts and employees that we handle in our day-to-day operations. We have also established rules and systems to ensure the appropriate handling and management of personal information.

Following the enforcement of Japan’s new Social Security and Tax Number System in 2015, we laid down appropriate regulations for the management and use of relevant personal information.