Fair Operating Practices


The AISIN Group promotes free and fair competition in conducting its business activities in different countries and regions of the world and endeavors to fulfill its social responsibility together with all stakeholders related to its operations.

Declaration of thorough compliance

We have declared our commitment to thorough compliance on a global scale in the Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior. We have also formulated the Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility to put the philosophy underpinning these principles into practice. The guidelines introduce specific laws and regulations to be adhered to during the execution of work duties in an easy-to-understand manner and are provided to all employees. We are also committed to continually reinforcing compliance throughout the Group and have adopted an even tougher stance on key universal issues such as antitrust laws and the prevention of bribery.

Promoting compliance group-wide

Each of the 12 main Group companies has established a Business Ethics Committee or a similar committee which is tasked with leading the discussion about matters related to corporate ethics, compliance and policy. Each committee is chaired by a member of top management, such as the vice president, and convenes between one and three times a year.

The 12 main Group companies regularly host the ALL AISIN Legal Affairs Committee comprising compliance function supervisors and the Group Compliance Committee comprising compliance managers. This enables the sharing of information and focus on integrated compliance activities as a Group on a global scale.

Group Compliance Committee meeting
Group Compliance
Committee meeting

Compliance education and training

Based on the belief that people are the key to promoting CSR, the AISIN Group provides information on the various laws and regulations through rank-specific education for employees and training for workplace managers and executive officers.

In fiscal 2016, we provided regional compliance training to domestic subsidiaries of the 12 main Group companies, and a total of 64 companies participated in the training. We also held training on antitrust laws, prevention of bribery and prevention of misconduct in the workplace twice for workplace managers and twice for executive officers. In addition, October of each year has been designated as AISIN Group Business Ethics Campaign Month, fostering opportunities for each and every employee to reflect on his or her normal routine and consider business ethics. During fiscal 2016, we created a common compliance textbook for global use and conducted core personnel training in Brazil. In fiscal 2017, we plan to provide this training in North America, Europe and China.

As another activity under AISIN Group Business Ethics Campaign Month, we conduct a group-wide, all-employee survey on compliance awareness. In fiscal 2016, we once again received around 50,000 responses and were able to confirm that compliance awareness is spreading and increasing in the workplace.

Regional compliance training Tohoku region
Regional compliance training
Tohoku region

Establishing a whistle-blower system to identify and correct inappropriate conduct

Our 12 main Group companies have each set up a hotline to receive inquiries and notices on matters relating to compliance, and as a means of notifying employees about AISIN Group Business Ethics Campaign Month and promptly identifying and correcting inappropriate conduct. Consultation is available to employees and their

families as well as business partners. Regulations clearly stipulate that the name of the person filing a complaint or seeking consultation as well as the content be kept confidential, and the Group adheres strictly to this rule. Also, manager training programs are conducted to ensure that an employee, as a result of filing a complaint, will incur no retribution, such as dismissal from work or a reduction in salary. Aisin Seiki also is disseminating information about the hotline to temporary employees.

Poster to enhance ethical business activities
Poster to enhance ethical business activities

Compliance hotline contacts (12 main Group companies)

  FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Internal contacts 178 207 250
External contacts 31 21 12
Total 209 228 262