Responsible for promoting group-wide environmental management, the EMS Study Group’s activities are based on three pillars: (1) standardization, (2) assessment and (3) human resources development.

Following revisions to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 in November 2015, the EMS Study Group revised the AISIN Consolidated EMS Manual and AISIN Group Green Procurement Guidelines accordingly in fiscal 2017 ((1) standardization). These are both effective tools used to standardize inspection and improvement activities across all domestic and overseas companies ((2) assessment). We also actively encourage employees involved in environmental management at Group companies to improve their skills through activities such as inviting experts for lectures ((3) human resources development).

Three pillars of EMS activities
Three pillars of EMS activities
AISIN Consolidated EMS Manual, AISIN Group Green Procurement Guidelines

Improving environmental activity frameworks worldwide

We regularly convene Working Level Liaison Conferences in each of seven regions around the world, led mainly by the AISIN Consolidated Environment Committee. By sharing environment-related information through these conferences, we promote activities in Japan and overseas and intend to expand activities in different regions throughout the world in the future.

Overseas Activities