Human Rights and Labor Practices

Human Resources Development

Supporting the growth of each person by respecting individuality

At the AISIN Group, we are committed to developing human resources who are capable of viewing matters from a broad perspective and possess the diverse range of values needed to play an active role globally irrespective of gender, nationality or age. For example, we have set out educational programs and provide education and training based on the AISIN Way, which emphasizes respect for the individuality of our employees so that they can make the most of their abilities, as stated in our Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility. To ensure that employees continue to find their work rewarding, we also implement initiatives such as devising suitable career plans for each individual and expanding areas of activity.

Development of global human resources

We are continuing to accelerate global human resources development in line with the AISIN Group’s rapidly expanding global business. We are promoting three separate initiatives at Aisin Seiki, specifically top management training for local personnel aiming to secure management or executive positions at AISIN locations around the world; an overseas employee exchange system designed to develop young local employees at AISIN locations around the world; and a training program aimed at assigning young employees in Japan to overseas locations so that they can gain skills through on-the-job training (OJT).

Top management training

Featuring a business course and a policy course, the aim of this training is to raise the capabilities of managerial-level staff so that overseas subsidiaries can operate more independently. This education also ensures that managers have an understanding of the AISIN Group’s values and behavioral principles and are able to make appropriate decisions. In fiscal 2016, 17 persons took the business course targeted at management personnel and eight persons took the policy course.

Overseas employee exchange system

We accept local personnel from other countries for a period of one year, with the aim of improving the operational capabilities of young key employees at overseas subsidiaries, particularly in emerging countries, and promoting internationalization among employees working at the head office. We accepted 16 staff, including 15 from China, India and Thailand, and one additionally from Mexico in fiscal 2016, and are planning to accept 25 staff in fiscal 2017.

Overseas training program for young employees

Aimed at developing Japanese employees capable of playing a key role across borders, this program overseas business experience based on OJT. We assigned 17 employees to this program in fiscal 2016 and are planning to assign 30 employees in fiscal 2017.

I was sent to Aisin Automotive Ltda. in Brazil and engaged in many operations other than those of my own. This helped me expand my view. After returning home, I have more opportunities to deal with overseas counterparts, and the experience has allowed me to work from a more global perspective, respecting the other parties’ culture and common practices.

Human Resources
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Takehito Kita

Human Resources Management Department Takehito Kita

Nurturing technical personnel in the Group

We continue to work together to strengthen educational capabilities for local technical personnel throughout the AISIN Group and in line with global expansion.

At the Aisin Technical Academy, an in-house, live-in training institute to cultivate future leaders of manufacturing operations, staff members who have entered the AISIN Group in Japan and trainees dispatched from overseas take a year of study to increase their practical technical skills. Trainees from 24 locations in 10 countries have graduated from the academy and are playing key roles at overseas subsidiaries in supervisory or technical capacities. In fiscal 2016, 30 trainees from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, the United States, Canada and Turkey gained practical skills and graduated from the academy.

In fiscal 2017, we will accelerate development of technical personnel who can be active throughout the Group on a global basis by accepting additional trainees from overseas subsidiaries in China and Thailand.

Technical personnel education
Technical personnel education
We implement practical education at production sites.

Passing on knowledge and skills required of production staff

Previously, the knowledge and skills specific to each workplace had been conveyed in the form of “implicit” knowledge passed on to supervisors from their predecessors and depended heavily on their individual experiences and discretion. Different workplace culture and skill levels of supervisors had caused quality, cost and delivery (QCD) to vary. In seeking to achieve true globalization, we transformed rules that should be observed and actions that should be taken by technical personnel into “explicit” knowledge and started providing AISIN Basic Seminars in 2014. In these seminars, supervisors instill the explicit knowledge in trainees with thorough, on-site guidance, along with ideas behind the knowledge (why certain things must be done). We have thus set up a system and framework to pass on Aisin-style skills and have started implementing the same system and framework to our bases in and outside Japan as well as to Group companies.

Learning lessons from our predecessors

On April 1, 2016, we opened the Aisin Densho-kan (Educational Center), which provides education on quality, safety and fire prevention.

The aim of the center is to encourage employees to learn from our past failures, think about these failures as if they have happened to their task or role and take a lesson to heart that we should not repeat the same mistake. This aim is incorporated into various educational programs to raise employees’ awareness through repeated learning.

Quality Learning Zone

We intend to raise quality awareness and improve work quality by encouraging employees to learn our past approaches to attaining “Quality First,” as stipulated in our corporate principles, and by continuing to pass on lessons learned from past product defects as an important asset.

Safety Learning Zone

Using example cases of past work accidents, we nurture human resources who have high safety sensitivity and can protect themselves and their co-workers.

Fire Prevention Learning Zone

A fire that occurred in the Kariya Plant of Aisin Seiki in 1997 caused destruction and inconvenience. We foster awareness for fire prevention and safety initiatives in order to prevent future fire emergencies or similar disasters.

Developing vibrant human resources and workplaces

To develop further into a vital company capable of growing continuously as we look ahead to the next 50 years, the AISIN Group focuses on the development of a pleasant and vibrant workplace culture. As an example, Aisin Seiki holds a management study session every March to raise the capability level of management in each workplace and consequently develop vibrant human resources and workplaces. At the study session, all executive officers and department heads within Aisin Seiki as well as representatives from Group companies and overseas subsidiaries discuss issues in workplaces based on the analysis results of employee awareness surveys. The outcome of the discussion is reflected in activities to invigorate workplaces in the next fiscal year.

AISIN Relay Race

A total of 534 teams, including seven teams from 21 overseas subsidiaries, participated in the annual AISIN Relay Race in fiscal 2016. More than 12,500 people, either as runners or supporters, fully enjoyed the event, feeling the importance of forming ties within the AISIN Group.

AISIN Relay Race
AISIN Relay Race