Human Rights and Labor Practices

Employee Safety and Health

A core principle of placing safety and health above all else

Based on the core principle of placing safety and health above all else, the AISIN Group continually strives to enhance the safety and health of all employees.

[Action Plan]

Promotion of workplace environment improvement with the highest priority on safety and health

[Three-Year Growth Phase Policy 2015-2017]

Share the perception throughout the entire AISIN Group that safety and environmental efforts are the lifeblood of continued business operations of a corporate group.

[FY2016-2018 Company-wide Policy]

Instill safety and environmental awareness and appropriate behavior, and achieve thorough compliance.

Aspiring to be the world’s most safetyconscious corporate group

Fifteen Group companies in Japan* are retaining afrequency rate and severity rate of work accidents that is well below the national average for the industry.

In fiscal 2016, we continued to work on activities aimed at eliminating hazards by reviewing serious accidents in the past, including cases where employees were caught between or in machinery, and by performing on-site inspections to confirm that countermeasures have been fully implemented and maintained.

In 2015, following a serious accident involving a supplier, which occurred in July at a plant of the AISIN Group, we started a new initiative to eliminate serious accidents in plants, while extending its scope from employees to outside contractors, material suppliers and on-site subcontractors.

The AISIN Group aspires to be the safest corporate group in the world, and to firmly establish a safety culture, will promote relevant occupational health and safety activities by further improving education, training and activities to enhance awareness.

Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents(15 AISIN companies in Japan*)
Rate of lost work time injuries resulting from work accidents(15 AISIN companies in Japansup)
Severity rate of work accidents (15 AISIN companies in Japan*)
Severity rate of work accidents (15 AISIN companies in Japan)

* 12 main Group companies + Aisin Tohoku, Aisin Kyushu, Aisin Hokkaido

Achieving zero work accidents

We have had a standard safety slogan in place across the entire AISIN Group since fiscal 2014: “Follow the guidelines, protect yourselves and protect your coworkers.” In fiscal 2016, we dedicated July 1 as the first day of Safety Week and as the date for the ALL AISIN Safety Declaration, in which we organized activities aimed at raising safety awareness throughout the Group and simultaneously appealed to employees at our 12 main Group companies to comply with safety requirements.

All AISIN Safety Declaration Day
All AISIN Safety Declaration Day

Initiatives at respective companies and regions

The 12 main Group companies have been developing Kodawari (“commitment”) activities toward improving safety and health suited to the characteristics of each company to eliminate accidents through STOP 6*1.

As part of our activities at overseas locations, in 2015 we established the China Safety and Environmental Specialist Liaison Committee consisting of employees engaging in safety and environmental activities in the China region. Efforts have been facilitated as we commenced integrated activities throughout the region by implementing priority tasks and exchanging information through the committee.

From 2016 and beyond, we will set up similar organizations in each country in Oceania and South America and facilitate locally rooted safety and health activities on a global scale.

Among affiliated companies other than the 12 main Group companies, we have also formed the AISIN Affiliated Company Consolidated Safety and Health Liaison Committee, and its membership has increased from 14 companies up until 2014 to 20*2 in 2015. In fiscal 2016, the committee focused on activities designed to eliminate hazards that could cause serious accidents, such as employees getting stuck or caught in equipment.

*1 STOP 6: Six worst causes of serious accidents in the Toyota Group
(1. caught between machinery, 2. contact with heavy objects, 3. contact with vehicles, 4. falls, 5. electrocution, 6. contact with high temperature objects)

*2 Aisin Seiki, Aisin Tohoku, Aisin Kyushu, Aisin Kyushu Casting, Aisin Hokkaido, Saitama Kogyo, Kotobuki Industry, Aichigiken, Yamagata Clutch, Sinsan, Konan Kogyo, Hekinan Unsou, Sanetsu Unyu, Aisin Collabo, Aisin ComCruise, Aisin Infotex, IMRA Material R&D, Aisin Cosmos R&D, Technova and FT Techno

China Safety and Environmental Specialist Liaison Committee
China Safety and Environmental Specialist Liaison Committee
Case report

[Activity Details of 12 Main Group Companies]

Company name Activity details Key points
Aisin Seiki Eliminate accidents involving anyone working on premises Roll out safety activities, encompassing employees as well as outside contractors, material suppliers and on-site subcontractors, to identify tasks prone to accidents and promote communications.
Aisin Takaoka Prevent accidents through comprehensive and targeted efforts Use moveable fences as a means of preventing a fall into melting furnaces and reduce overall risks through process isolation. Compile points to be kept in mind in preventing employees from getting stuck or caught in equipment into the 12 Basic Rules of Safety and undertake activities to enable each employee to understand the background and meaning of each key point and act accordingly. Organize the Aisin Takaoka Safety and Health Cooperation Committee among about 100 outside contractors, transportation companies and on-site subcontractors and mutually upgrade safety activities to prevent accidents in plants.
Aisin Chemical Reducing risks in back-office departments and of non-work related accidents Conduct a monthly AC wall to wall safety rollerpatrol; identify sources of equipment-related hazards in response to the occurrence of a laboratory related accident; identify sources of hazards in other departments and implement countermeasures; deploy a lock-up and emergency stop device to prevent equipment activation by third parties; complete the installation of the device in main control panels of 687 equipment; and conduct two training sessions on emergency shutdown procedures in production lines of Aisin Chemical products.
Aisin AW Launching a plan to cultivate safety-oriented culture Have an external agency perform a safety diagnosis to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of Aisin AW and initiate a plan toward building a safety-first corporate culture.
Aisin Keikinzoku Raising awareness and reforming behavior to predict hazards and protect oneself Increase safety awareness by providing simulation-based hazard education to all employees and build a system of safety activities cooperation by improving the quality of safety instructors who provide safety guidance and perform safety audits in and outside the company.
Aisin Development Working with partner companies to facilitate safety activities Raise safety awareness of every employee through joint safety activities with partner companies to ensure on-site safety and security. Eliminate unsafe practices through warning calls, increase safety awareness and hazard sensitivity through experience-based safety education and make sure to conduct a risk assessment following a change in work processes.
Aisin Kiko Developing safety-conscious personnel, implementing thorough improvements Develop safety-conscious personnel and implement thorough improvements, mainly through prevention of similar accidents by identifying issues in each past accident and by leveraging safety patrols, mutual checks in the workplace and increased communications.
Aisin AI Working to eliminate similar accidents Eliminate accidents during the handling of equipment failures or other irregularities by encouraging employees to take 10 seconds to predict hazards before initiating irregularity handling procedures, providing training on warning calls in joint tasks and performing practical-level skill evaluations.
Aisin Sin’ei Re-acknowledging that “safety first” is the company’s top priority and policy Perform a monthly safety patrol by top management of all on-site operations (by employees, outside contractors, subcontractors and suppliers) to confirm the safety status of each plant. Check actual procedures for hazards in order to encourage employees to understand the seriousness of safety-related issues. Accelerate improvements and become a company with zero accidents where everyone can work within a safe environment and with a sense of security.
Aisin AW
Three-year safety promotion activities for creating a safety-first culture Ensure the safety of equipment (by conducting risk assessments as early as from the design stage), create a workplace in which employees freely voice their opinions (by utilizing a communication board) and foster personnel who can observe rules (through increased safety awareness by thoroughly conducting emergency shutdown procedures).
Hosei Brake
Creating a safety-first culture through workplace improvements Create a safety-first culture through workplace improvements mainly by increasing safety education to management-level employees and relevant departments, and by means of safety patrols.
ADVICS Providing education on irregularity handling procedures to managers and supervisors Establish a system of “protecting your workplace by yourself” by assigning the task of handling irregularities to all supervisors.

Mental health care activities for employees

At Aisin Seiki, we believe that the foundation of mental health care is building a vibrant work environment where employees are sound in body and mind and problems can be discussed freely. Based on this thinking, we strive to foster strong people and develop a high level of awareness regarding mental health and we are building systems to achieve both.

The purpose of these systems is to enable the quick discovery and quick response to any mental distress and provide primary care, secondary care and tertiary care. Primary care is promoting an understanding of mental health through self-care education targeted at all employees in their second year of employment. Secondary care consists of providing mental health early intervention training to managers and supervisors (line care training) to improve the ability to notice distress early within the workplace, operating internal consultation services and enlisting the support of industrial physicians as necessary. Tertiary care consists of the operation of the Return to Work Trial, a system for supporting the return of employees to their workplaces aimed at the prevention of recurrence.

In fiscal 2016, 208 employees participated in mental health early intervention training. We also provided support as part of a Return to Work Trial from both workplace and healthcare perspectives. Around 89% of participants successfully returned to their workplaces.

Return to Work Trial
Return to Work Trial
The level of recovery is confirmed before participants return to work.

Safeguarding the health of employees – “Well-Center”

The AISIN Group conducts regular physical exams of its employees to monitor, maintain and enhance their health. The Well-Center demonstrates a commitment to supporting employee efforts to improve their health. The center is leading our efforts to enhance our health management system and undertake mental health countermeasures.

Consultation room at the Well-Center
Consultation room at the Well-Center
For conducting interviews or medical examinations by a physician