Human Rights and Labor Practices

Respect for Human Rights

Basic policy regarding respect for human rights

Under the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior, we established the basic policy of respecting employees’ human rights: “We respect the character, individuality and diversity of our employees and provide a safe, enjoyable and productive work environment in order to help them achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.”

Additionally, the AISIN Way clarifies values and behavioral principles to be shared among the Group that are timeless and global. Furthermore, the Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility provide specific behavioral principles so that all Group employees may realize the principles of corporate behavior. They also indicate appropriate examples of behavior with regard to human rights and labor by making clear statements prohibiting forced labor and child labor, thereby establishing action guidelines that are essential for developing businesses on a global basis.

Education on respect for human rights

In addition to respecting employees’ basic human rights, the AISIN Group conducts human rights education on various occasions, affording employees the ability to take actions.

Human rights, particularly fair hiring practices and assurance of equality, must be taken into consideration in all aspects of corporate activities.

In fiscal 2016, Group companies participated in the largest training seminar on human rights in Aichi Prefecture. Hosted by Aisin Seiki, the seminar included a lecture on fair recruitment practices, given by an official of the Aichi Labor Bureau. Through these efforts, the entire Group worked to increase its awareness of fair hiring practices and respect for human rights. As one of our rank-specific training initiatives, we provide human rights training for employees at various stages of their careers, including when they enter the company and when they receive job promotions, ensuring a continual focus on and awareness of respect for human rights.

Human rights training
Human rights training
We implement training on corporate activities and human rights.

Training recipients regarding human rights (Aisin Seiki)


  2013年度 2014年度 2015年度
Newly appointed managers 176(100%) 191(100%) 192(100%)
New hires 296(100%) 351(100%) 472(100%)
Temporary hires 70(100%) 43(100%) 69(100%)
Mid-career hires 149(100%) 137(100%) 56(100%)

Figures in parentheses show training recipients as a percentage of personnel targeted for training.