Community Building and Development

Examples of Social Contribution Activities

Protection of Nature and the Environment

Rolling out tree-planting activities in Inner Mongolia, China

Since April 2013, six core Group companies together with the public interest incorporated foundation Aste have been conducting tree-planting activities in the desert area in the Xilinhot district of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China. In an effort to prevent the rapid desertification of the grasslands due to issues such as global warming, we are working on plans to plant saplings across 20 hectares of land over the course of 10 years. Species include yellow willow, which acts as an effective wind break. At the same time, we are also organizing environmental education and exchange events for local elementary school students.

In the third tree-planting event in April 2015, 17 employees from domestic AISIN Group companies and 52 from local subsidiaries planted some 100,000 saplings on two hectares of land. We again took part in the fourth event held in April 2016.

Tree-planting activity in Inner Mongolia, China
Tree-planting activity in Inner Mongolia, China
Saplings are planted including yellow willow to stop desert sand from being blown away.

Participating in activities to support restoration of pine tree forests in Rikuzentakata

Jointly with members of the Association for the Preservation of Takatamatsubara, the AISIN Group is engaging in activities to support the restoration of beautiful white sandy beaches and green pine trees (“Takatamatsubara”) in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, which were devastated by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Besides raising funds for the restoration within the Group, activities will proceed in two steps. The first step (from 2015 to 2017) is to help nurture pine tree saplings by cultivating land for nursery beds and weeding these beds, and the next step (2017 and onwards) is to assist the actual planting of saplings. We will provide support for the restoration of the pine tree forests by repeating the cycle of weeding, nurturing and planting for years to come.

Environmental education event: “Parent-child nature experience in Neba Village”

The AISIN Group has concluded a “forestry foster parent agreement” in 2004 with Neba, a municipality in Nagano Prefecture. This agreement serves to protect the upstream forest that is the source of the Yahagi River, which we use to obtain water for industrial and domestic purposes. Since then, the AISIN Group has been cooperating in forest development activities through various initiatives. The “Parent-child nature experience in Neba Village” is an environmental event that started as part of such initiatives. This event is held every year during the children’s summer holidays to enhance environmental awareness while enabling children and parents to realize the importance of water and the beauty of nature in an enjoyable manner.

During the event held in 2015, we organized activities to explore living organisms inhabiting areas surrounding the river and create a plate bearing a slogan of eco-action each family has chosen. These experiences educate children about the environment and help them develop an appreciation for its importance in a fun way.

Environmental education event: “Parent-child nature experience in Neba Village”
Environmental education event: “Parent-child nature experience in Neba Village”
A trip down the river on a tire tube

Fostering Youth

Environmental education program for elementary school students

Six core Group companies are working together with ASK-NET (a specified non-profit corporation) to host the AISIN Environmental Education Program for elementary school students.

The program is part of an integrated study class of fourth and fifth graders at elementary schools in 14 cities and towns in Aichi Prefecture, which also encompasses the city of Kariya where our corporate head office is located. To date, a total of about 19,000 students at 216 elementary schools have learned about the environment in a structured manner through classroom lectures, hands-on learning, a sympathy-cultivating workshop, eco action and a talk session.

In September 2015, four university students conducted a presentation on original ways to improve the educational effects of the AISIN Environmental Education Program in the Kagayake Aichi Sustainability Research Lab, a project led by the Aichi prefectural government on the basis of the outcome of the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

AISIN Environmental Education Program
AISIN Environmental Education Program
Talk session presenting activity results

Outreach seminar on monozukuri (manufacturing)

The outreach seminar on monozukuri involves classroom lectures and hands-on lessons and enables children to develop a scientific perspective through manufacturing.

The seminars mainly consist of the outreach seminar on monozukuri, which is held by visiting local elementary schools, AISIN Monozukuri Hiroba (Manufacturing Forum) events in the area around the Aisin Seiki head office in Kariya and weekend workshops held at the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (Aichi Prefecture). A total of 6,741 children have participated in 75 events from 2002 up to the end of fiscal 2016.

Outreach seminar on monozukuri (manufacturing)
Outreach seminar on monozukuri (manufacturing)
Classroom lecture and hands-on lessons on manufacturing

Supporting development of junior high school basketball players

The AISIN Group has men’s and women’s basketball teams* in Japan’s top leagues, and players and coaches regularly conduct basketball clinics for elementary and junior high school students. In August 2015, coaches and players of the SeaHorses MIKAWA provided skills instruction to 37 children in Toyokoro-cho in Hokkaido, where our Toyokoro Proving Ground is located.

*SeaHorses MIKAWA and AW Wings

Basketball clinic held in Toyokoro-cho
Basketball clinic held in
Through the exchange with these children, they helped nurturing youth through sports.

Community Building and Development

Efforts toward social issues

The AISIN Group is actively implementing activities targeting social issues.

For several years at sites around the world, including Japan, we have continued with a traffic safety program to protect the safety of the automobile society.

Aisin Seiki, Aisin Takaoka, Aisin Chemical, Aisin Kiko and ADVICS are actively purchasing such items as machine parts and food from organizations supporting the employment of persons with disabilities.

Employee participation in TABLE FOR TWO
Employee participation in TABLE FOR TWO

Moreover, in addition to Aisin Seiki, Aisin Takaoka, Aisin Sin’ei and Hosei Brake Industry, from fiscal 2016 Aisin AI took part in TABLE FOR TWO (TFT), which is an organization dedicated to providing food to developing countries and eradicating obesity and lifestyle diseases in industrialized countries with a focus on imbalances in world food consumption. Whenever an employee orders an item from the healthy foods menu in the company cafeteria, the employee as well as the company and the cafeteria association donate ¥10, or a total of ¥20, to TFT. This ¥20 goes toward providing a child in developing countries in Africa with a meal. In fiscal 2016, we raised enough money to provide around 93,000 meals and achieved “Platinum Supporter” status, the highest level awarded by TFT.

The AISIN Group has also signed up to an initiative organized by the NPO Japan Committee Vaccines for theWorld’s Children, which donates vaccines for children in developing countries for every plastic bottle cap they receive.

Activities that are closely linked to local communities

The AISIN Group launched the All AISIN NPO Activities Support Fund (Aichi, Fukui and Toyama regions) through the 12 main Group companies as one part of activities that are closely linked to local communities. The fund assists actions taken by NPO groups. It operates using proceeds from the All AISIN Charity Concert held every year in autumn and supported 22 NPO groups in fiscal 2016.

In collaboration with Toyota Industries Corporation, we again held spring and fall “Friendship Farm” harvest festivals in fiscal 2016 and the same as in the past invited people from local welfare facilities. A potato harvest and sweet potato harvest were held in June and October, respectively, in which participants with little chance to feel the land experienced harvesting by directly seeing and touching agricultural crops.

All AISIN NPO Activities Support Fund
All AISIN NPO Activities Support Fund
Assistance and support for volunteers and regional groups conducting welfare activities

Disaster support efforts

The AISIN Group promotes disaster relief activities in Japan and around the world.

In fiscal 2016, as part of the ongoing, collaborative volunteer activities in the Toyota Group to support the recovery areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we carried out a range of activities during the period from June to October 2015, including cutting the grass at temporary housing, lending a hand to local summer festivals and helping scallop farming.