Community Involvement and Development

Basic Social Contribution Activities

Based on “Be With” as the key message, the AISIN Group is committed to carrying out social contribution activities closely linked to regions in order to earn the trust and meet the expectations of everyone in local communities.

“Be With” local communities

The AISIN Group established “Harmony with Society and Nature” under the Corporate Principles and stated that “we respect the culture and customs of each country and territory in which we operate, and we actively contribute to civic activities closely connected to local communities” under the Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior. Working as a team throughout the AISIN Group, our aim is to carry out social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen rooted in the local community as we continue to work toward our AISIN Group VISION 2020.

Based on these concepts, the AISIN Group is actively working to promote social contribution activities closely linked to respective regions and countries. We consider it important that employees who participate in activities volunteer on their own initiative and share the same views as local people in carrying out operations.

“Be With” goes hand in hand with our activities. On this basis, the AISIN Group hopes to fulfill its social responsibility as a business entity operating globally together with all members of local communities.

Three pillars of social contribution activities

The AISIN Group develops social contribution activities that are closely linked to local communities through the three pillars of Protection of Nature and the Environment, Fostering Youth and Community Building and Development.

In fiscal 2016, we conducted a survey on the status of activities at each Group company around the world. We will utilize the survey results to maintain and upgrade activities in the future.

Concept image of the three pillars of social contribution activities
Concept image of the three pillars of social contribution activities