Aiming to Become an Irreplaceable Global Partner

The AISIN Group strategically develops corporate activities in accordance with its Principles of Corporate Behavior, the code of conduct established in January 2010, as a means of fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Initiatives are also being carried out under the AISIN Way, established in April 2007, which conveys the values and behavioral principles to be shared among current and future AISIN generations.
Additionally, under the AISIN Group VISION 2020 formulated in April 2012, we aspire to become “a role model of CSR around the world” by implementing and promoting initiatives and establishing specific action plans.

To further promote management that emphasizes CSR, AISIN Group Report 2017 incorporated reporting that draws upon the seven core themes of ISO 26000, an international standard that provides guidance on the social responsibility of organizations.