Aisin Global Hotline

AISIN Group also has a reporting system which enables external stakeholders to report any concerns related to AISIN Group’s compliance.

1. Contents that can be Consulted and Reported

Any behavior or act by the officers and employees of AISIN Group that violates AISIN Group’s compliance polices, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • ・AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior
  • ・Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility
  • ・AISIN Group Human Rights Policy

<Contents that cannot be Consulted and Reported>

  • ・Items intended for slander or libel against others
  • ・Fake reports

2. Target User of this Hotline

Suppliers and customers which are in a business relationship with AISIN Group, as well as anybody of the general public

3. Method and Flow of Consultation and Report

Consultations and Reports can be made via web input by providing identity or under anonymity. For more proper investigation, we ask the whistleblower to provide as precise as possible the facts concerning the consultation and report (e.g., when/where/how it happened, who is involved, what are the concerns, how whistleblower become aware about it).

The flow of consultation and report is as follows.

The acceptance of consultation and report through Aisin Global Hotline is conducted by an independent, trustworthy third-party organization, NAVEX Global, Inc. Contractual confidentiality is imposed on NAVEX Global, Inc., so please feel reassured to consult and report.

4. Other Notification about Consultation and Report

  • ・The facts and contents of the consultation and report, as well as the information provided by the whistleblowers to this Hotline, will be used only for the purpose of investigation, and will be strictly kept confidential within the parties involved in such investigation. Without the consent of the whistleblower, such information will not be used for purposes other than as mentioned above, and will not be disclosed to third parties other than the above-mentioned parties involved in the investigation.
  • ・Retaliation due to the fact that a consultation or report was made via this Hotline is prohibited.
  • ・We take the consultations and reports from the whistleblowers seriously, and will review and conduct any necessary investigation.
  • ・Please do not divert or secondarily use a part or all of the communication received from this Hotline.