Communication of our basic social responsibilities

We have declared our commitment to thorough compliance in AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior. We have also formulated and communicated to all employees the Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility to put the philosophy underpinning these principles into practice. The president himself is leading our efforts to reinforce compliance.

Furthermore, in concert with the revision of the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior, we strive to communicate them to all employees, having prepared a take-along AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior card and distributed it to all employees, and having enabled all employees to confirm the Principles at any time on our website.

Basic stance

Aisin believes that compliance is not only about following laws and regulations but about meeting people‘s expectations and earning their trust as a good corporate citizen from the perspective of Inspiring “Movement,” Creating Tomorrow, a corporate principle of ours.

We are carrying out extensive group-wide initiatives around the world to ensure that everyone in AISIN Group shares the same strong sense of ethics regarding acting honestly, fairly and in good faith, and that compliance is their default state of mind.

AISIN Group compliance framework

Aisin has established a Consolidated Business Ethics Committee to make decisions about important policies and frameworks regarding compliance in the group. In January 2018, we established a legal affairs division at the AISIN Group Head Office, bringing together all departments involved in legal affairs to ensure that the whole of AISIN Group meets or exceeds a particular level of compliance. Acting as the group‘s only specialist legal affairs division, this division plans and implements global group compliance activities.

Organizational diagram of Business Ethics Committee

Messages from top management and executives

Our top management and executives’ mindsets about compliance are disseminated through activities such as distributing a video where the Chair of our Business Ethics Committee (Executive Vice President) says “Compliance is about proactively meeting the expectations of all of our stakeholders“ and posting declarations about compliance from all executives and department presidents in our group companies in our workplaces.

Messages from top management and executives

Activities to raise awareness of compliance

Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility

Aisin has formulated guidelines in compliance with social responsibility to provide concrete behavioral standards for all domestic and overseas employees.

The action guidelines contain questions and answers about the nine principles outlined in AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior: Safety, Quality and Contribution to the Creation of a Sustainable Society; Compliance; Disclosure and Communication; Respect for Human Rights; Promotion of Diversified Work Styles and Upgrading of Work Environment; Environment; Social Engagement and Contribution to Development; Thorough Crisis Management; and Company Leadership. Q&A are outlined for each principle with easyto- understand explanations, and the guidelines are designed to reflect the spirit of AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior. We also distribute cards with the AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior for employees to carry, post information on our website and provide training to communicate and thoroughly entrench this knowledge.

Various training and awareness-raising activities

Aisin carries out various training and awareness-raising activities so that compliance is the default state of mind for every employee.

Training takes the form of group training and e-learning for each level, role and area of work, both in Japan and overseas. In fiscal year 2021, a total of 12,887 domestic employees attended training by our legal affairs department. Additionally, compliance enforcement personnel from each department play a role in communication about compliance in their workplaces to entrench our compliance policies among all employees. In fiscal year 2021, to ensure that our activities are carried out honestly, fairly, impartially and in good faith, we strengthened our regulations against insider trading, one of the company‘s Critical Risks, and revised and internally disseminated our rules about advance notifications in the event of a critical rollout or trading of our own shares.

We carry out awareness-raising activities such as providing the latest information in our monthly reports and distributing discussion sheets about relevant examples.

Training for compliance leaders
Training for compliance leaders

List of training and awareness-raising activities

Category Training/tool Executives Management Employees Main details
Education Specific levels Training for new executives     Responsibilities and key themes for executives
Compliance seminars for executives     Latest compliance topics
CSR management training     The importance of compliance
Training for new plant managers     The importance of compliance; roles
Training for new hires   Basic compliance, charters, codes of conduct
Specific roles Training for compliance enforcement personnel in each department     Roles and key themes for enforcement personnel
Pre-departure training for employees posted overseas The importance of compliance and key themes
Training for top management overseas   The importance of compliance and key themes
Training for whistleblowing service personnel   Investigation methods and points of caution
Specific themes Antitrust compliance training   Laws, company policies, guides
Anti-corruption training   Laws, company policies, guides
Training on prevention of insider training   Laws and company rules
Export management training   Internal qualification training
Awarenessraising Texts Monthly legal reports from Group Head Office Latest/key compliance topics
Comics Workplace discussion sheets (monthly) Explanations and points of caution for specific themes

Main points in training

  • ・Antimonopoly Act
  • ・Harassment
  • ・Regulations against insider trading
  • ・Clear communication
  • ・Act Against Delay in ‘Payment, etc.‘ to Subcontractors
  • ・Fraud
  • ・Responsibilities for manufactured products
  • ・Labor
  • ・Prevention of bribery and corruption
  • ・Copyrights
  • ・Export trading management
  • ・Contracts


Awareness surveys

October of each year is Aisin’s Business Ethics Campaign Month. One activity carried out in this month is a survey of all domestic employees in the group to confirm points such as their awareness of compliance and ethics consultation services (77,242 respondents).

In the survey conducted in fiscal year 2021, 96.2% said that their awareness of compliance had improved and 95.3% said they knew about ethics consultation services, a high rate for both.

In addition to reporting the results at a meeting attended by our top management, feedback is given to each company and department. The survey results are included in the next fiscal year‘s compliance activity plan and PDCA cycles are carried out.

Early detection and correction of issues through whistleblowing system

Aisin has a service for reporting and questions about compliance. The service is available to all employees in AISIN Group and people connected to them, such as family members and trading partners. Anonymous contact is accepted. We endeavor to detect and correct violations as quickly as possible with this service. Thorough attention is paid to the rights of whistleblowers, including privacy and prevention of reprisal, when taking measures.

We have also established an internal consultation service, a group-wide external consultation service by a lawyer, a consultation service handled by the legal affairs division at AISIN Group’s headquarters and an AISIN Global Hotline. All domestic and overseas stakeholders, including executives, employees and trading partners, can report incidents or ask questions to the service that best suits their situation. In addition to ensuring that these services are easy to use, the legal affairs division in our Group Head Office takes the lead in responding to critical situations to ensure that issues are detected quickly and corrective action is taken.

Domestic and overseas reports and consultations

Reports and consultations Cases
Other* 396
Hostile workplace 145
Fraud and rule violations 139
Abuse of power 105
Issues with work hours, etc. 56
Sexual harassment 9
Total 850

FY2021 850

*Other main cases include inquiries about internal rules and procedures and concerned about working relationships. While these are not reports concerning compliance or fraud, we work with the relevant departments to resolve these issues so that we can eliminate these points of concern and improve these employees‘ working conditions.

Aisin Global Hotline

AISIN Group also has a reporting system which enables external stakeholders to report any concerns related to AISIN Group’s compliance.

1. Contents that can be Consulted and Reported

Any behavior or act by the officers and employees of AISIN Group that violates AISIN Group’s compliance polices, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • ・AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior
  • ・Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility
  • ・AISIN Group Human Rights Policy

<Contents that cannot be Consulted and Reported>

  • ・Items intended for slander or libel against others
  • ・Fake reports

2. Target User of this Hotline

Suppliers and customers which are in a business relationship with AISIN Group, as well as anybody of the general public

3. Method and Flow of Consultation and Report

Consultations and Reports can be made via web input by providing identity or under anonymity. For more proper investigation, we ask the whistleblower to provide as precise as possible the facts concerning the consultation and report (e.g., when/where/how it happened, who is involved, what are the concerns, how whistleblower become aware about it).

The flow of consultation and report is as follows.

The acceptance of consultation and report through Aisin Global Hotline is conducted by an independent, trustworthy third-party organization, NAVEX Global, Inc. Contractual confidentiality is imposed on NAVEX Global, Inc., so please feel reassured to consult and report.

4. Other Notification about Consultation and Report

  • ・The facts and contents of the consultation and report, as well as the information provided by the whistleblowers to this Hotline, will be used only for the purpose of investigation, and will be strictly kept confidential within the parties involved in such investigation. Without the consent of the whistleblower, such information will not be used for purposes other than as mentioned above, and will not be disclosed to third parties other than the above-mentioned parties involved in the investigation.
  • ・Retaliation due to the fact that a consultation or report was made via this Hotline is prohibited.
  • ・We take the consultations and reports from the whistleblowers seriously, and will review and conduct any necessary investigation.
  • ・Please do not divert or secondarily use a part or all of the communication received from this Hotline.