AISIN Develops New "Linkage-type Power Door System"
ー Unveiled at the World Premiere of Toyota’s New Century ー

Oct. 3, 2023

News Release


AISIN CORPORATION has developed a new “linkage-type power door system”. It was unveiled at the world premiere of the new Century model, held by Toyota Motor Corporation on September 6. *

The "linkage-type power door system" is a new door system that combines the advantage of sliding doors--ease of entry and exit--with the design of the vehicle.
The door itself opens parallel to the body of the vehicle, allowing easy and safe opening/closing and entry/exit even in a narrow space. Everyone, from small children to the elderly, can smoothly get in and out of the vehicle. Furthermore, the large opening allows passengers to board and exit the vehicle in an “elegant manner” when necessary.
Conventional sliding doors move laterally by means of door hinges that move along the rails mounted on the side of the vehicle body. Therefore, straight rails need to be mounted on the side of the vehicle body, limiting the shape of the vehicle on which doors are installed. With newly developed structural components that use a rotating arm, etc. to hold, open, and close the door, the "linkage-type power door system" eliminates the need to mount rails on the vehicle body and allows easy opening and closing while maintaining the vehicle design.

As exemplified by the world's first mass production of "power sliding door systems" in 2001, AISIN has been developing system products that meet the needs of the times and users by utilizing its technology and know-how accumulated over the years.

We will continue to propose system products that realize our management philosophy of “Inspiring ‘movement,’ creating tomorrow” by giving shape to the ideas for various types of vehicles and the desires of users.

* This is presented as an example of a "full order" proposal, in which the Meister in an auto dealer communicates carefully with each customer and proposes a one-of-a-kind car that matches his or her preferences.