Notice Regarding Share Purchase Agreement of PT.SHIROKI INDONESIA

Jul. 28, 2023

News Release

Toyota Boshoku Corporation

Toyota Boshoku Corporation (President: Masayoshi Shirayanagi; hereinafter referred to as “Toyota Boshoku”), AISIN SHIROKI CORPORATION(President: Toshio Tanaka; hereinafter referred to as “AISIN SHIROKI”), a subsidiary of AISIN CORPORATION, transferred part of the shares of PT. SHIROKI INDONESIA(hereinafter referred to as “SID”) a subsidiary of AISIN SHIROKI to TOYOTA BOSHOKU ASIA CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “TBAS”), a subsidiary of Toyota Boshoku, signed Share Purchase Agreement to make SID a subsidiary of TBAS.

First, in November 2023, TBAS will acquire 80% of SID's shares from AISIN SHIROKI, and then plan to acquire the remaining 20% of the shares by the end of 2025 to make it a wholly owned subsidiary. This matter will be implemented on the condition that the necessary procedures and responses are completed in each country.


RemarksNews Release on October 25, 2022

Notice Regarding Transfer of Overseas Subsidiaries, Which Manufacture Automotive Seat Frame Mechanism Parts


Outline of SID


2.Location:   Kawasan Greenland International Industrial Center (GIIC) Block AA  No.18, Kota Deltamas, Desa Sukamahi, Kecamatan Cikarang Pusat, Kabupaten Bekasi 17530 Indonesia

3.RepresentativePresident, Director; Osamu Ando

4.Capital:    29,900,000 USD

5.Area:     Land 18,561㎡、Building 12,442

6.Products:   Seat recliners, Seat adjusters, etc.

7.Employees:   Approx.308As of March 31, 2023