Evaluation of "resource recycling system" that separates, recovers, and utilizes CO2 commenced at Nishio Plant

May. 29, 2023

News Release


With the aim of achieving carbon neutrality in production by 2035, AISIN has commenced the evaluation of its newly developed "resource recycling system” that separates, recovers, and utilizes CO2 at the Nishio Die-Casting Plant South Building.

We are implementing various initiatives in terms of both production and products in order to achieve carbon neutrality. On the production side, toward the goal of achieving carbon-neutral production by 2035, we are promoting technological development focusing on the key themes of "reduction in power sources, heat sources and waste,” “clean energy,” and “resource recycling aimed at zero waste.”

Our resource recycling system consists of a process that separates and recovers CO2 (0.024 t-CO2/day) from the exhaust gas produced from the combustion equipment at the plant, and a methanation process that produces methane gas (12m3/day (ntp)) from the recovered CO2. The methane produced is then used as fuel.
By recovering CO2 contained in the exhaust gas from the aluminum melting furnace in operation at the plant and circulating the methane gas produced as fuel for that melting furnace, we evaluate the system under actual operating conditions. (Circulating 1/100th of the amount of CO2 generated from a single melting furnace)

We have adopted a chemical absorption method for CO2 separation and recovery. Also, by using a uniquely designed recovery mechanism and an absorbent optimized for that mechanism, we have achieved the downsizing of the system and energy-efficient separation and recovery.

Based on the field data obtained from this evaluation, we aim to develop a system by FY2025 that can recover all of the CO2 generated from a single melting furnace.

AISIN will continue to promote the development of technology to improve the environment and society, thereby realizing  the AISIN Group Philosophy: Inspiring “movement,” creating tomorrow.

"Resource Recycling System" Flow Diagram