Success in Technology Development for Logistics Optimization Using a Quantum Computer
―Published in Scientific Reports published by Nature―

Apr. 24, 2023

News Release

Aisin has successfully developed technology related to logistics optimization using a quantum computer. A paper on the success was published in Scientific Reports published by the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal Nature.

In collaboration with the startup QC Ware, the company has developed technology to determine the optimal transportation route using a quantum computer.

In logistics, optimal route planning, that is, delivery routing that enables transportation with the maximum load factor, by the shortest route, and by the minimum number of trucks, is essential. Finding the optimal route meeting complex conditions requires handling an enormous amount of data. The newly developed technology has been made possible by using a quantum computer with extremely high computing power, for such data processing. By implementing this technology, it becomes possible to find the optimal route instantly, greatly contributing to improved operational efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions in the logistics process.

Aisin will continue to promote technology development to improve the environment and society, thereby realizing the Aisin Group Philosophy: Inspiring “movement,” creating tomorrow.

Delivery taking the optimal route found by a quantum computer

[Paper Overview]

Title:Supply chain logistics with quantum and classical annealing algorithms
Authors:Sean J. Weinberg(QC Ware), Fabio Sanches(QC Ware), Takanori Ide(Aisin), Kazumitsu Kamiya(Aisin) & Randall Correll(QC Ware)
Published in: Scientific Reports
Supply chain logistics with quantum and classical annealing algorithms | Scientific Reports (
* Information on the paper is current at the time of publication.

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