AISIN Group Products Adopted in the New LEXUS RX

Dec. 5, 2022

News Release

Products developed by AISIN Corporation and AISIN Group companies have been adopted in the all-new Lexus RX, which was released on November 18, 2022.

The new Lexus RX has undergone a complete renewal in pursuing the Lexus Driving Signature performance and next-generation Lexus design. Based on the challenge theme of creating a car that was fun to drive and that could have dialogue with the driver, a new performance model, RX500h F SPORT Performance, was introduced to improve driving pleasure. Equipped with the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive force system using electrification technology, which works in conjunction with a newly developed hybrid electric system, the new RX ensures responsive, exhilarating acceleration.

The hybrid electric system incorporates AISIN’s 1-motor hybrid transmission* and eAxle,* which help achieve excellent acceleration performance and improved fuel efficiency. Moreover, the new RX has adopted (ARS) with a large steering angle for high maneuverability and high speed stability, and the ADVICS regenerative cooperation regenerative braking system, which assists the braking posture control system to control vehicle posture during driving.

In addition, the new RX features an integrated unit of upper and lower grille shutters that AISIN has developed for the first time by combining conventional upper and lower grille shutters into one component. Grille shutters are installed in front of the engine radiator to control air flow into the grille by opening/closing fins to reduce air resistance. With this product, we have become able to use a larger space for the fins by integrating two types of shutters into one unit, thereby contributing to better aerodynamic performance and fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, the new RX incorporates a high performance disc brake caliper (aluminum fixed 6-piston caliper) newly developed by ADVICS. This caliper ensures high braking force and controllability, helping provide a linear and direct brake feel.

While this product can be mounted on a front-wheel-drive vehicle with limited space for components, it has a sophisticated design that matches the disc rotor and wheel. Moreover, coated with a newly developed paint, it has reduced the CO2 emitted during its production process, helping achieve carbon neutrality.

AISIN will continue to promote technological development to improve the environment and society, thereby realizing the AISIN Group Philosophy: Inspiring “movement,” creating tomorrow.

* The 1-motor hybrid transmission and eAxle were jointly developed by BluE Nexus Corporation, AISIN Corporation, and DENSO Corporation.



Integrated unit of upper and lower grille shutters (Above: open, Below: closed)

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High performance disc brake caliper (aluminum fixed 6-piston caliper)