TOYOTA New Aqua Equipped with AISIN New Technologies

Aug. 3, 2021

News Release

Newly developed products

・ Electric water pump for inverter cooling that achieves the highest level of efficiency in the world for contributing to energy management in hybrid vehicles

・ Integrated electromechanical, small-sized and highly responsive shift-by-wire, which will lead to future automated driving


 AISIN’s new products have been adopted in Toyota’s new Aqua, which was announced and released in July 2021.

 The newly developed products are an electric water pump for inverter cooling that enables more efficient cooling, and a shift-by-wire that can automatically shift gears. In addition to these new products, an electronically controlled brake system, an electric 4WD drive unit and other systems that help to achieve carbon neutrality, eliminate fatalities from traffic accidents, and attain other goals to realize an ideal society have been also adopted.

 AISIN will continue to promote engineering development aimed at improving the environment and society in cooperation with related companies.



Newly developed products

■ Electric water pump for inverter cooling

 The new design of this product has enabled approximately 1.5 times higher output without changing the size from the previous model. The overall system efficiency has achieved approximately 39%,* the highest level in the world.

 Adopting a newly developed 3D impeller that reduces loss by optimizing water pressure dispersion in the impeller section and changing the power distribution control of the motor have achieved both high efficiency and mountability. AISIN introduced electric water pumps into the market in 2006, and since then, it has held a high market share for pumps for both engine cooling and inverter cooling.

 AISIN will aim to achieve carbon neutrality of the entire vehicle by contributing to vehicle energy management through a combination of electrification-related products, including this product, in addition to all-directional supply of powertrain units, which is one of its strengths.

 * Efficiency = workload of pump / electric power consumption


■ Shift-by-wire

 As automotive technology relating to autonomous driving advances, bi-wire technology, which uses electrical signals for control, is becoming indispensable.

 This product, the first of its kind in AISIN, has an integrated electromechanical structure that integrates a motor, a reduction gear, an ECU and a sensor. This integrated electromechanical structure has achieved gear shifting performance with excellent position control and responsiveness. Furthermore, adopting a helical gear with a small number of teeth that has high deceleration performance and high efficiency has reduced the size to ensure excellent mountability.

 As a product that is highly compatible with electric and autonomous vehicles, which are in increasing demand, this product is expected to be used in a wide variety of vehicles.