AISIN Develops a Noncontact Beauty Care Device Using the World’s First*1 Water Particle Conversion Technology

Jun. 10, 2021

News Release

・ AISIN developed the world’s first noncontact beauty care device using the conversion technology for the world’s smallest*2 water particles called “AIR,” developed by AISIN.

・ It started to be used at two clinics in Tokyo.


 AISIN developed a noncontact beauty care device using the conversion technology for ultra-fine water particles called “AIR.” In May 2021, this device started to be used at Wove Clinic Nakameguro (Head Office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Executive Director: Akiko Takase) and M&M Skincare Clinic (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Director: Mineko Suzuki; Vice-Director: Midori Konno).

  This product, which was developed for aesthetic dermatology, uses technology that allows the conversion of water molecules in the air into extremely small water particles (one-thousandth the size of those produced by general steam vaporizers), which was released in April 2021. Converted water particles sprayed on the skin have the effects of delivering moisture into the deeper layer of skin and introducing the beauty ingredients applied on the surface of the skin to penetrate into the skin. In addition, it is expected that they will be used for improving atopic dermatitis symptoms. These effects were presented at the 120th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Dermatological Association, which started today.

 At the two clinics in Tokyo where this product started to be used, its effects and safety vis-à-vis market introduction will be checked under the supervision of experts. Furthermore, since this product is expected to improve not only the skin but also hair texture, it is also being introduced into beauty salons in Tokyo.

 In the future, further applying the features of AIR, AISIN will pursue new possibilities for providing products and services not only in the beauty field, but also in various other fields, including food, agriculture and industry.

*1: Surveyed by AISIN

*2: In a comparison of humidification technology for producing water particles. As of April 12, 2021. Surveyed by AISIN

- Measuring instruments:
Scanning mobility particle sizer (Tokyo Dylec Corp.)
Nano-DMA measuring system (owned by the National Institute of Technology, Kochi College)
- Measured by AISIN