Seventh Aisin Consolidated Environmental Action Plan Formulated
Bringing a sustainable environment to the future—Aiming to build a society where everyone can live with peace of mind in harmony with nature

Apr. 5, 2021

News Release

     The AISIN Group, led by AISIN CORPORATION (Head Office: Kariya, Aichi; President: Kiyotaka Ise), has formulated the Seventh Aisin Consolidated Environmental Action Plan, a five-year plan aimed at providing Group companies with environmental action guidelines for the period encompassing fiscal 2021 and fiscal 2025.
     Under the new philosophy of "Inspiring 'movement’, creating tomorrow” from April 1, Aisin will aim to build a society where everyone can live with peace of mind in harmony with nature, to accelerate omnidirectional environmental initiatives, including those for realizing carbon neutrality by 2050.

     Under the Seventh AISIN Consolidated Environmental Action Plan, specific goals and action plans toward 2025 have been determined. Based on four environmental axes, items concerning life-cycle CO2 emissions reduction and renewable energy input, which AISIN has been strongly recognizing as important issues recently, have been newly added. Also, among the items concerning improvement of water resource efficiency in production activities, waste reduction, etc., the scenarios for strengthening environmental activities has been re-established through measures to improve the level of set goals, such as changing from qualitative goals to quantitative goals and the addition of goals for overseas sites.

     By taking responsibility for this plan and steadily carrying out and accomplishing it, AISIN will bring a sustainable environment to the future.

Priority items of the seventh Environmental Action Plan

Environmental axis

Priority items

Establishment of a low-carbon society

Aim to achieve zero CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of products toward realizing carbon neutrality.
Establishment of a system for reducing life-cycle CO2 emissions from the purchase of materials to disposal
Active introduction of the latest energy saving technologies when plants are newly built and equipment is updated
Active use of renewable energy in response to regional characteristics

Establishment of a recycling-oriented society

Aim to minimize environmental impact by maximizing resource efficiency.
Promotion of eco-friendly design aimed at reuse and recycling
Collaboration with external partners regarding natural resource input and reduction of waste
Promotion of activities to reduce water resource input

Establishment of a society in which people coexist with nature

Aim to promote harmony with nature and regional ecosystems.
Maintenance of model plants based on the definition of a “Plant where people coexist with nature”
Enhancement of environmental communication through a “Plant where people coexist with nature”

Fundamental activities

Aim to create a more advanced environmental management system.
Creation of a foundation for integrating consolidated environmental management on a global basis
Sharing the group environment vision and targets with suppliers, and support for the promotion of environmental action