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Intellectual Property Activities

Intellectual property management

To contribute to further increasing the competitiveness of the AISIN Group, we strategically undertake activities related to the safeguarding and protection of intellectual properties at each Group company.

At the Group level, we are conducting collaborative efforts related to intellectual properties. These include encouraging personnel exchanges to augment related functionality and nurture responsible personnel at our 13 main Group companies, and operating the Intellectual Property Liaison Committee for sharing information. Simultaneously, we are working to build a global intellectual property network by establishing contact points at our development locations in North America, South America, China and Asia, defining rules on the handling of intellectual properties and providing the required infrastructure. As one effort to facilitate the use of patent information in the product planning process, we engage intellectual property teams early from the product planning stage to check patent portfolios and development activities of other companies based on patent information and guide the direction of our development efforts. Moreover, by ensuring that resulting inventions are effectively transformed into and utilized as intellectual properties, we intend to help Group companies expand business and secure profits.

Patents held by the AISIN Group*
Patents held by the AISIN Group

*12 main Group companies

*The figures for fiscal 2016 include patents held by Shiroki Corporation.