Achieving harmony with nature

To achieve harmony with nature, the AISIN Group’s Products Environmental Study Group develops products in which chemical substances are rigorously controlled and works to reduce chemicals used at the production stages. The Environmental Conservation Study Group is also committed to preventing abnormal environmental situations and preserving biodiversity in the interests of protecting the natural environment.

VOC emissions per sales
(Consolidated domestic companies)
VOC emissions per sales (Consolidated domestic companies)

Global efforts to prevent abnormal environmental situations and accidents

To prevent abnormal environmental situations and accidents from occurring, the AISIN Group provides training aimed at heightening sensitivity to environmental risks under various circumstances, including manufacturing sites, using the environmental risk prediction training sheet (“environmental KYT sheet”). In fiscal 2017, we compiled a selection of environmental KYT case examples based on scenarios at overseas sites and are preparing to commence implementation overseas from fiscal 2018.

Advanced actions ahead of official enforcement of regulations of chemical substances

The AISIN Group actively gathers information on regulations and carries out impact assessments in order to strategically replace chemical substances prior to becoming officially regulated. We have also established the Global AisinMACS system for managing chemical substances contained in products to ensure quick and accurate submissions to the International Material Data System (IMDS), the automotive industry’s material database, required for vehicle certification.

Outline of Global AisinMACS

Global AisinMACS obtains information from production and technical databases and automatically handles tasks such as identifying suppliers and sending survey requests, determining customers and deciding if surveys are required to assess chemical substances contained in products. The system is also equipped with a feature to automatically assess compliance with regulations. It is available for use by domestic and overseas AISIN Group companies.

Establishing biodiversity activities

The AISIN Group engages in community-oriented biodiversity preservation activities at five locations around Japan, mainly in regions where we have bases. We carried out activities at three locations in fiscal 2017 and will continue to work closely with communities to actively promote biodiversity activities.