Establishment of a Recyclingoriented Society

In order to effectively utilize resources supporting a sustainable society

In order to ensure the sustainable use of valuable resources into the future, the AISIN Group promotes product design in a way that minimal waste is generated as a means to conserve resources. At the same time, we are working to recycle and reuse waste generated in the production phase at all manufacturing sites and to maintain zero emissions (zero waste at landfill).

Targets and results in waste reduction

The AISIN Group achieved a 35% reduction in waste in fiscal 2016 after setting a target of a 17% reduction in industrial waste emissions per unit of sales by fiscal 2016 compared with fiscal 2008.

In terms of concrete initiatives, we sought to minimize waste and promote recycling by extending the period between exchanges of waste cleaning liquid emitted from cleaning machines for production equipment and encouraging resource reuse through recovery of different types of cutting fluid from the cutting process.

Waste emissions per sales unit
(From the Group’s 11 main manufacturing companies in Japan)
Waste emissions per sales unit (From the Group’s 11 main manufacturing companies in Japan)

Initiatives in fiscal 2016

The AISIN Group has set priority items for waste reduction in light of the characteristics in each country and is making efforts to reduce waste by revisiting past cases of liquid waste in Japan and rolling out these same concepts worldwide.

Group company action highlights

New waste management systemAction 4

Aisin AI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is in the process of developing a waste management system. In fiscal 2016, members of Aisin AI’s Safety and Environment Division visited the actual site in Thailand and spent the first half of the fiscal year sorting waste and identifying current conditions such as the waste storage area. The team also studied the amount of waste generated while trying to normalize the situation. During the second half of the year, efforts were introduced to identify the causes of waste and limit the level of waste before it was generated. The company has set long-term targets from fiscal 2017 and beyond and is making waste management a priority.

Going forward, Aisin AI will create an independent management system so that its goals can be managed in accordance with the Sixth AISIN Consolidated Environmental Action Plan.

Providing on-site guidance aimed at identifying waste results
Providing on-site guidance
aimed at identifying waste results
Challenging BDF power generationAction 5

Aisin Seiki has been using biodiesel fuel (BDF) recovered and refined from cooking oil used in the employee dining hall in its commuter buses since 2008. The buses have traveled over 90,000km using BDF. In light of these results, we started BDF power generation aimed at reducing CO2 in April 2014.

BDF power generation system
BDF power generation system
Bus running on BDF
Bus running on BDF
FINE REVO Mattress that can be dismantled for disposalAction 6

Aisin Seiki’s ASLEEP brand mattresses uses material known as FINE REVO for the non-spring cushioning that lasts 30 years in order to maintain a sound sleep for users. Unlike other mattresses, the parts in this mattress can be replaced, enabling a longer mattress life. In addition, the parts can be separated and disposed of as general refuse, which helps keep waste to a minimum.

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FINE REVO material