President Yoshida

President Yoshida

Unity for the future
Introducing a fully redesigned Aisin,
ready to vigorously take on
new challenges

Becoming a company that can continue to grow by focusing on carbon neutrality, electrification and software first and DX

Carbon neutrality: To be achieved based on three pillars: reduce, use and create and collect

Aisin, as a manufacturing company, conducts business activities that emit high levels of CO2, including casting iron and other metals. To balance this, we must achieve the 2050 carbon neutral goal. The CO2 reduction target for 2030, which marks a milestone in the process, is set at 50% or more.
To achieve this goal, we have been promoting carbon neutrality efforts centering on: ""reduce"" - energy saving technologies; “use""- use of renewable energies; and “create/collect""- technologies contributing to CO2 reduction.

Our specific efforts include a technology to immobilize and reuse CO2 emitted from factories, the introduction of lightweight solar cells into all factories that comprise about one-fifth the area of conventional products and a system to generate electricity using heat produced by burning hydrogen. In order to further accelerate carbon neutrality, we will establish a CN Promotion Center led by Vice President Mizushima in August to consolidate all related departments and thereby enhance the driving force for the initiative.

Electrification: Our full lineup of products fit various regional circumstances and customer needs.

We believe that electrification is the most important theme in Aisin’s carbon-neutrality efforts.
Regarding carbon neutrality in the automobile industry, energy policies and circumstances differ depending on the region and the era. Meanwhile, the preferences and needs of car manufacturers and customers also vary.

Aisin's strength in electrification is that it is the only parts manufacturer that has a full lineup of products for eco-cars such as HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs, with a capability to provide units suitable for different regions. We have launched many electrified products such as hybrid transmissions and eAxle, using our Automatic Transmission technology that has been refined since 1961. Taking the recent integration as a further driving force, we will promote the consolidation of these technologies within the Group. To this end, we will strengthen the advanced development function of the powertrain company in August, and develop a system that will lead to CO2 reduction not only in the transmission but throughout the entire vehicle. Furthermore, we will realize technologies that are currently unavailable in the Group through collaboration with outside companies, and provide technologies that can contribute to CO2 reduction as a system. We are determined to achieve carbon neutrality through electrification, and contribute to customers, society and the earth.

Software first and DX: Offering new values created from the users’ perspective by connecting each product area in a cross-sectional manner

The concept of “Software First” in manufacturing vehicles means developing software in advance. We do this by separating hardware from software, then focusing on the speed of evolution of the software. In this process, we need to analyze the required software structure for opportunities for new value.
Aisin has many products, such as powertrain units, power sliding doors, suspensions and brakes that consist of a machine (hardware) and the software that operates it. Aisin's role in this mobility future is to supply our current lineup of products, but to also develop products that can keep up with performance improvements which will be enabled by software updates that are sent and received via wireless communication.
Furthermore, we will provide new value created from the users’ perspective by integrating and controlling Aisin's three product areas: powertrain, chassis and vehicle safety systems, and body, in a cross-sectional manner.

Meanwhile, in order to advance the Software First concept, it is crucial to significantly accelerate the speed of development. What is indispensable here is DX (digital transformation) in design and development. With DX, we will work as a whole to change the way we work by accelerating design and development, enhancing work efficiency and standardization, and improving quality and productivity at manufacturing sites by utilizing IOT.

Inspiring "movement", creating tomorrow

Inspiring “movement,” creating tomorrow. In the AISIN Group philosophy, “Inspiring ‘movement,’ creating tomorrow” refers to many things, including information sharing and the flow of people and goods. I would like to elevate all these ""movements"" to a level of excitement and bring satisfaction and joy, not just to our customers, but also to our suppliers and employees.
To achieve this, I would like to launch a full redesign of Aisin into a company that vigorously takes on challenges in unity.