President Yoshida

President Yoshida


Inauguration Message
by President Yoshida
Unity for the future
Introducing a fully
redesigned Aisin,
ready to vigorously
take on new challenges


April 1980 - Joins Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (the current Toyota Motor Corporation)
June 2009 - Appointed as Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)
April 2014 - Appointed as Senior Managing Officer of TMC
April 2016 - Appointed as Mid-size Vehicle Company President of TMC
January 2018 - Appointed as Executive Vice President of TMC
June 2020 - Appointed as Chairman of Toyota Central R & D Labs., Inc.
April 2021 - Appointed as Senior Executive Advisor of AISIN CORPORATION
June 2021 - Appointed as President and Corporate Officer of AISIN CORPORATION

President Yoshida

President Moritaka Yoshida

Creating new values by leveraging the “traditional strengths of Aisin” and the “synergistic effects of the integration into a new Aisin”

My mission is to strengthen Aisin’s business structure and completely redesign its corporate culture toward the future to ensure that the newly integrated company can embody the Aisin Group philosophy: "Inspiring "movement", creating tomorrow."
The basis for this is the "traditional strengths of Aisin” and the "synergistic effects of the integration into a new Aisin."

Aisin has many strengths including a wide range of products covering all areas related to mobility as well as manufacturing capabilities and production methods that enable consistent production from materials to assembly. We are continually examining ways to survive and thrive based on these strengths. Our immediate focus will be on three key areas: carbon neutrality; electrification; and software first and DX.

To accelerate this initiative, we will appoint cross-organizational leaders with down-to-earth approachability to ensure that organizations with clearly defined tasks can make prompt decisions.
Nevertheless, these issues cannot be solved by Aisin alone. The entire AISIN Group, including our suppliers, will continue to take on the challenges of the future. Furthermore, we would like to speed up the process by collaborating and cooperating with the Toyota Group, different industries, and research institutes.

Aisin Seiki and Aisin AW just merged this April. Both companies have different cultures and work styles. However, they are valuable because of their differences. Recognizing and respecting the differences in each other and mutually sharing our strengths will lead to the creation of new and added value. Previously, employees have been focused internally toward the AISIN Group branch management structure amid the steady growth of the conventional Automatic Transmission business.
In order to survive and thrive through upcoming challenges, it is essential to turn employees’attention externally and toward the future with a strong sense of urgency.People are the source of competitiveness, and I believe that corporate competitiveness is a product of the strengths of each individual, team and organization combined. To change the mindset of the employees, I will continue to convey my thoughts to them in a detailed, easy-to-understand manner.

What kind of value does Aisin offer? This will be a major theme for us to explore in the future. It is not enough to solve existing problems. We will launch a full redesign of Aisin with the aim of continuing to grow by finding and overcoming new challenges.