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Mission of IMRA

The IMRA (Institut Minoru de Recherche Avancee) initiative plans to create a network of knowledge that connects Japan to European countries, the United States of America, and Asian countries in order to contribute to human beings through the harmonized development of science and technology and built trilateral AISIN research institutes in Europe (IMRA Europe), USA (IMRA America) and Japan (IMRA Japan).

IMRA has the purpose of “contributing to human beings through the development harmonized with science and technology” that is the philosophy of the late Mr. Minoru Toyota, the honorary senior advisor (then) of the All AISIN Group, as shown by the name. We will make our best efforts so that Asia, which is currently a global factory (technology), can hereafter explore a new era to lead Europe and America even in the scientific field.


Based on the concept of IMRA, we are aiming for the future creation of a researching company that continues“Inspiring ‘movement’, creating tomorrow,” with seeds of innovative technology.
Our core technology is consist of material science of superconducting material, catalyst material, organic material synthesis, and biochemical materials.
We will create technologies that provide clean power supply, protect the beauty of our future earth, and enhance an added-value to mobility by making full use and fuse of these core technologies to provide explicit solution to future.

Our strength is in highly capable personnel and researching environment.
We are a unique researching company made up of members that have strong basic theory and basic science knowledge with realistic R&D, which would be commercialized, to tackle both monozukuri (manufacturing expertise in value-added products) and theory.
In material science, we are equipped to research from synthesis to manufacturing, assessment and analysis.
Furthermore, our global network with Indian branch, IMRA America, and IMRA Europe is also one of our strengths.
We will be the researching company that creates Aisin group’s tomorrow using these strengths.