Human resources management to increase job satisfaction and support career development

~Aisin’s initiatives from the perspective of “platinum career”~

Jun.28, 2021

Human resources management to increase job satisfaction and support career development

For over 30 years, Aisin has been committed to improving the work environment for employees.

In view of the various factors in the environment surrounding Aisin like the “100-year-life” era, changes in social structure due to COVID-19, and significant transformation of the automobile industry, AISIN knew it had to transform itself into a company capable of creating new value. Aisin has been committed to “Work Motivation Reform” since 2018 and has enhanced activities to support career development for each employee while working to increase employees’ job satisfaction and encouraging them to take on challenges.

For these efforts, Aisin won the highest prize in the 3rd Platinum Career Awards.*

Aisin’s human resources management contributes to Platinum Career development

Aisin recently declared in its 2030 Vision its focus on becoming a company where members can sense their own growth, take reward from their work, and find happiness in their lives through promoting diversity and individuality. Aisin has also promoted human resources management systems and processes that will help increase job satisfaction and create new value.


Overall image of human resources management

Among the human resources management initiatives of Aisin, career development support and the initiative to increase job satisfaction of each individual were highly appreciated in the Platinum Awards.

Creating an environment where all people have a vision and goal and make use of their individual personality and characteristics

In the initiative to support career development, Aisin reviewed the conventional, uniform style of education and transfer systems, and it has introduced systems designed to encourage employees’ autonomous efforts to develop their careers.

・Selective training programs have been enhanced to help employees create and realize their own career path. (Autonomous ability and career development for each individual)
・Programs for transfer and placement have been enhanced to encourage employees to take on challenges to realize their career development goals. (Open-entry system, new business proposal project, etc.)

Furthermore, to enable employees of different generations to autonomously develop their career, measures for human resources development are formulated and classified into phases of “know” your career, “draw” your own career path, and autonomously “improve” your own abilities to realize your career vision. In the phase of creating or "drawing" a career path, employees are provided with opportunities to consult their supervisors as well as mentors inside or outside the company. This is a unique feature that helps employees expand their vision and perspectives in career development.

Thus, Aisin’s career support measures are focused on enabling all employees to enjoy working by utilizing their individual personality and characteristics, and leading to further growth of individuals and organizations.

Flexible work hours and an employee challenge support system
The switch of emphasis from “supporting a work-life balance” to “providing career support” to accelerate the promotion of more active roles for of female workers
Working toward a workplace where people can support each other to ensure that 100% of fathers take paternity leave
Aiming to become an "Ikubosu" who is willing to provide support to subordinates in their career and personal lives and fully enjoys oneself in both work and private life
Promoting diversity with "normalization" principle as a foundation
Aiming to create a work environment that allows all employees to be active and achieve their full potential
・Aisin promotes the empowerment of seniors, with a view to enriching the lives of employees

Reviewing the quality of work to increase motivation and create new value

Aisin focus is beyond basic “workstyle reform,” such as reducing overtime hours. This “Work Motivation Reform,” encourages all employees to review their quality of work and create new value that will enhance the competitiveness of the company.

Flexible workstyles with no restrictions of time and place are supported through initiatives such as ATBA. These initiatives will reform work practices and systems and strengthen the structure at each workplace. These activities signifiantly contributed to the rapid introduction of remote working and online conferencing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

・Increased life satisfaction can lead to enhancing enthusiasm for work and even the quality of work
・A team-building activity that brings innovation to the workplace

To be a company that can flexibly respond to changes, where employees can feel happy in their lives

Although Aisin has been implementing various initiatives, including employee career support and work motivation reform, such initiatives can easily become outdated and should be continuously monitored and changed for the present.

Aiming to become a company that can flexibly respond to changes, where employees can enjoy working while feeling happy in their lives, and can create new value, Aisin will continue to advance its initiatives for human resources management.

* Platinum Career Awards

In the era of the “100-year life,” people are expected to work for a longer period of time. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the workstyle at Japanese companies. Under these circumstances, all people, from the young to the elderly, are required to autonomously learn and utilize their skills in business, thereby contributing to solving various social issues.

The Platinum Career Awards were established in 2019 to honor companies committed to developing an advanced “platinum career,” the future career model that Japanese people should adapt, based on the viewpoints below:

・Long-term perspective: Able to continue participation and contribution by acquiring and utilizing useful work skills regardless of age
・Autonomous learning: Learning proactively and accumulating experience
・Solving social issues: Being interested in social concerns and having the intention to help resolve and prevent issues

Organized and planned by Mitsubishi Research Institute; Planned by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking; Sponsored by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Tokyo Stock Exchange; Cooperation by Toyo Keizai Inc.

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