Promoting diversity with "normalization" principle as a foundation

~ Aiming to create a workplace where every employee can work more comfortably and find fulfillment in their work ~

Nov.30, 2020

Promoting diversity with

The AISIN Group strives to be a company where a diverse range of employees, regardless of nationality, gender, sexuality (LGBT) or disability status, can be respected as individuals, find fulfillment in their work, and bring their unique professional skills and characteristics to the table.

In terms of the employment of people with disabilities, each company in the AISIN Group has been actively working to create a work environment in which both persons with and without disabilities can work with a sense of pride and fulfillment, with “normalization” principle, a concept that a normal workplace allows all people–regardless of any disability–to perform the same tasks at the same workplaces, as an axis.

With the objective of creating and expanding employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, who have previously had difficulty in performing the same tasks at the same workplaces as those of persons without disabilities, Aisin Well Smile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Well Smile”) was established in October 2019 as a special subsidiary company mainly engaged in office support work, such as facility cleaning and electronic documentation, within the AISIN Group.

In hopes that Well Smile employees continue to grow as an independent member of society

Well Smile is designed not only to offer jobs but also to provide each individual employee who has disability with opportunities to consider their own future and find a suitable way of life. As part of such efforts, the company works with schools for special needs education in Aichi Prefecture to provide students in the second and third years of high school with an internship program every year.

President Shinji Mizuno talking passionately about active roles in society played by persons with disabilities

“We give advices to students of what is noticed through internship programs for their future employment. We hope that our internship programs, which enables students to get hands-on experience in a work environment, will help them to find a job suitable for them or what they want to do in the future,” says Mr. Mizuno, President of Well Smile.

To further expand the potential of employees, Well Smile planning to broaden the scope of work they perform and provide experience in education and training of their juniors and team management. “I hope that we can offer a future career plan suitable for each employee. We want to respect the will and view of each individual and provide as much support as possible so that they can work while fully motivated. We hope that they can continue to grow in the future as an independent member of society,” Mr. Mizuno says.

A trusting relationship is the key to working with vigor and enthusiasm

“I love my job of cleaning. I’m happy with this work because I learned about cleaning at a training school before entering Well Smile and have made what I learned into a job. Now, I’m working with a sense of fulfillment and a sense of security. I’m glad I entered this company,” Mr. Hosokawa says with a smile, in his first year with the company.

Employees with disabilities can work with a sense of security because job coaches provide support to them in their jobs and seek to realize ideal working conditions. Job coaches build a trusting relationship with employees by helping them both in work, including personal relationships between employees, and everyday life.

Well Smile is now providing disinfection services for offices and eating places to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Well Smile members are serving an integral role in securing a safe, secure and comfortable work environment in the AISIN Group.

Disinfection of a stair rail
Cleaning in an office

Aiming to create a workplace in which every employee can play an active role

Aisin’s efforts to promote “normalization” has only just begun. With the aim of creating a workplace that enables all employees to play an active role, the AISIN Group seeks to promote an inclusive working environment in which employees can work more comfortably and find fulfillment in their work.

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