A hybrid of environmental friendliness and driving pleasure

Nov.02, 2021

A hybrid of environmental friendliness and driving pleasure

Installed in PHEVs from Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel. Photo: DS7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE

Inspiring “movement,” creating tomorrow. This simple phrase expresses our dreams and aspirations at Aisin.

We want to provide people around the world with “movement” experiences that bring excitement, joy and inspiration. We also want to provide a healthy, beautiful planet for future generations by reducing CO2 and exhaust emissions through electrification of mobility, and by promoting manufacturing with less impact on the environment.

As the world strives for carbon neutrality, some countries have declared their intention to ban gasoline and diesel vehicles, accelerating the shift to next-generation vehicles such as BEVs.*1 However, considering issues such as decarbonization of power generation and the development of charging infrastructure, the need for conventional vehicles such as HEVs*2 will continue in most regions.

Aisin is the only automobile parts manufacturer that provides a full lineup of drive units for gasoline vehicles: HEVs, PHEVs,*3 BEVs and FCEVs.*4 Taking advantage of our full range of drive units, we are able to meet the needs of any customer in any region of the world.

※1 Battery Electric Vehicle
※2 Hybrid Electric Vehicle
※3 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
※4 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

Among Aisin’s vast drive unit lineup is a 1-motor hybrid transmission which features both eco-friendly fuel economy and driving pleasure — the top demands of our global customers.

Achieving both excellent fuel economy and driving performance


—Aisin's 1-motor hybrid transmission—

An HEV is a vehicle that has two or more power sources. Most HEVs have dual power sources: an engine that runs on gasoline and a motor that runs on electricity. There are two types of hybrid transmissions – either one motor or two motors.

The 2-motor hybrid transmission literally houses dual motors, one for generating electricity and one for driving. By switching between these two motors, the transmission always operates at optimal engine efficiency, providing excellent fuel economy for urban driving which requires frequent starts, accelerations and decelerations.

In contrast, the 1-motor hybrid transmission uses a single motor for both power generation and driving. Aisin's 1-motor hybrid transmission has three major features:

①Compared to the conventional FWD 8-speed AT*5, fuel economy is improved by 24%, contributing to lower CO2 emissions. It affords excellent fuel economy*6 especially during highway cruising or long-distance driving.

②Realizes sports car level acceleration and performance by transmitting the driving force of both the engine and the motor to the transmission gears.

③Equipped with an 81 kW (maximum) motor enabling a maximum EV driving speed of 135 km/h.

※5 Automatic transmission
※6 According to our survey


This product integrates the transmission and inverter into a single unit, reducing the number of parts required and achieving miniaturization and cost reduction. Also, the size of the entire system has been reduced to that of the existing FWD 8-speed AT, making it easier to incorporate it into mass-produced AT vehicles, thereby contributing to the spread of HEVs and PHEVs. It is already installed in Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel PHEVs.

Aisin will continue to develop a full lineup of electric products to meet the needs of customers in various regions throughout the world while continually working toward the global goal of carbon neutrality.