Compact mobility changes the atmosphere of the city?

-Aisin's initiatives for ultra-compact Battery Electric Vehicles

Oct.20, 2021

Compact mobility changes the atmosphere of the city?

As countries and regions around the world work together toward the realization of a carbon-free society, the intention to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles is expected to rapidly accelerate society’s shift to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The development of BEVs is progressing, but to best promote and integrate the use of BEVs in Japan, various issues such as charging infrastructure, vehicle price, and cruising range must be addressed.
To best address these concerns, an ultra-compact BEV has been launched, which is expected to play an active role as a convenient means of transport for daily use. Aisin supplies products for this ultra-compact BEV, employing the vast electrification technology it has cultivated over the years.



Sale of the ultra-compact BEV has commenced


 Electric drive unit mounted on the Toyota "C+pod"

The ultra-compact BEV is an eco-car and an easy and convenient means of transportation whose classification falls between a motorcycle and a light automobile. In addition to daily short-distance travel, the ultra-compact BEV is expected to be used as a means of transportation for people traveling around the city or visiting their customers, and as a means of delivery for small-scale delivery and porter services.
The Toyota C+pod is equipped with an electric drive unit that incorporates the technologies—especially those related to gears and motors—that Aisin has cultivated through the development of transmissions such as ATs, MTs and HEVs. This electric drive unit has been newly developed for ultra-compact BEVs by employing the structure of E-Four, which is an electric 4WD unit mounted for rear-wheel drive in the Toyota Prius released in 2016. To enable this unit to be mounted on narrow-width vehicles, the gear train configuration has been changed from two-shaft to three-shaft to reduce the product width. The unit also uses a permanent magnet motor to deliver high power, achieving vehicle performance that is stress free for daily use.
It’s exciting to think about the day when an ultra-compact BEV becomes a part of our daily life.

Aisin's strength in electrification lies in the fact that it is the only global parts manufacturer with a full lineup of products for electric vehicles such as HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs. As we work toward the realization of a carbon-free society, Aisin will continue to develop innovative electric powertrain products and bring them to market quickly to meet the needs of customers in various regions of the world.