Health and productivity management supports value creation

~Aiming to be a company where employees can stay in good mental and physical health~

May.31, 2021

Health and productivity management supports value creation

Being in good mental and physical health is necessary for employees to work vigorously and produce results. Aisin places the highest priority on the health of workers and has accelerated the initiatives for “Kenko Keiei* (health and productive management).”

* “Kenko Keiei” (health and productivity management) is a registered trademark of the NPO Kenkokeiei.

The health of employees is the source of corporate vitality


Ms. Watanabe, Safety and Health Dept.

Under its Group Philosophy “Inspiring ‘movement,’ creating tomorrow,” Aisin defines the value it strives to give to colleagues as “To our colleagues, growth and happiness.” Watanabe talked about the relationship between corporate vitality and health and productivity management.

“Aisin believes that the source of corporate vitality is that its employees are mentally and physically healthy, being able to work with excitement and motivation, feel happy in their lives, and make full use of their individual strengths. As the vitality of employees is crucial for the realization of our philosophy, health and productive management is very important for our company.

Efforts to prevent diseases based on the health condition of each employee


Aisin has implemented various measures to help improve the mental and physical health of employees. Among them, it has focused particular efforts on the prevention of diseases. Aisin has developed a unique system to identify people with high risk based on the results of health checkups of all employees over the past 10 years. Working in cooperation with the health checkup institution, preventive measures are taken for employees according to their risk level, such as restricting work hours, holding personal interviews, and giving warnings.

“Due to an increase of senior employees in the workforce, the number of employees who need intensive control has been increasing. Therefore, we will reinforce the current measures and also consider measures for younger employees to reduce health risks, ” said Watanabe.

Aisin has also implemented various initiatives to help improve the mental health of employees.

・ Providing “line-care” training for managers on how to deal with their subordinates and “self-care” training for regular employees, as the foundation for establishing a workplace environment where employees can feel safe in working
・ Setting up a consultation service to allow those who have no one around to consult on their problems or worries or those who work in an isolated environment like teleworking to feel free to ask for consultation
・ Revitalizing workplaces through the workplace improvement activity using the results of employee stress check

Aisin has thus worked to establish a system to prevent employees’ mental health problems and support early discovery and early response to them. Its initiatives in multiple aspects have been highly evaluated, resulting in certification as a “White 500” Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization for four consecutive years.


The AISIN Group Declaration of Health toward 2030

Although Aisin has implemented various measures, it is still difficult to reduce to zero the percentage of absence due to mental health problems or absence due to lifestyle-related illnesses among the total lost-worktime injuries and illnesses of employees.

Under such circumstances, in April 2021, Aisin set up an organization dedicated to promoting health and productivity management, which is composed of professional members including industrial physicians and public health nurses, to reinforce the system. At the same time, Aisin released the AISIN Group Declaration of Health. By setting new targets and initiatives, Aisin is striving to further promote the health of its employees.

See here for details of Aisin’s health and productivity management

For the future, Aisin will focus particularly on the improvement of the health literacy of its employees, says Watanabe.

“It is necessary for all employees to understand the importance of their health, raise their awareness of health, and take action by themselves. Staying in good health allows them to fully exercise their individual abilities, leading also to the empowerment of each employee as well as the development of the company. To this end, in addition to the efforts to prevent diseases, which we have made, I think it is necessary to conduct health-promoting activities that will help improve the vitality of the company.”

「超」ヘルシー教室(11.10) 015.jpg

Example health-promoting activity (in-house yoga lesson)

She says that they will provide opportunities for employees to review their individual lifestyles by thinking about such matters as the importance of paying attention to eating habits, the importance of regular physical exercise, and the importance of quitting smoking, so that they can stay in good mental and physical health at the company.

In the Aisin Declaration of Health, the Group’s wish that employees will be in good health even after their retirement and live a fruitful life is incorporated. “We want to make our company a place where all employees can continue to work happily and vigorously, paying attention to their health after retirement,” says Matsui.


Ms. Matsui, Safety and Health Dept.

Aiming to be a company where everyone is in good mental and physical health and can continue taking on challenges

At present, various actions have been taken across the Aisin Group, such as preparing guidelines for the prevention of the COVID-19 infection and implementing measures throughout the Group, including suppliers, and formulating measures to protect the health of employees around the world according to different local medical systems.

The AISIN Group will continue to support the mental and physical health of its employees, endeavor to realize a workplace environment where everyone can work with motivation and a sense of fulfillment in life, and promote health and productivity management, which serves as the foundation for creating innovations and new value.

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