What is the GHP? The Gas Head Pump air conditioner (GHP) is the environmentally friendly
and cost efficient product, which provides superior comfort.

A Gas Heat Pump air conditioner (GHP), that drives the heart of the air conditioner (compressor) with the gas engine, not only contributes to leveling the electricity demand but also has excellent economic potential and comfort factors.

Description and Advantages of the GHP (Gas Heat Pump)

A GHP uses a gas fired engine to drive its compressors.
What's GHP An air conditioning system provides both cooling and heating by circulating refrigerant with a compressor (Heat Pump Cycle). The basic system for the heating and cooling cycle is the same as an Electric Heat Pump (EHP). The main difference between GHP and EHP is whether it uses an electric motor or a gas engine to drive the compressor in the outdoor unit, which is often called the heart of the air conditioning system. This difference realizes comfortable cooling and heating in a GHP and is the major feature of a GHP system that offers numerous advantages.

Heat Pump Cycle

When a liquid evaporates, heat is absorbed by it from the surroundings. Conversely, when a vapor condenses to liquid state, the heat is evolved. Using this characteristic, a compressor is used to circulate a refrigerant, running it repeatedly through evaporation and condensation cycles, which is called a heat pump cycle.
Heat pump cycle

GHP helps to level out the peak demand of electricity.

Compared with the EHP (electric heat pump air conditioner), the gas engine driven GHP can reduce the electricity consumption significantly, which accounts more than 30% of the total electricity in the summer. In other words, the GHP contributes to cutting the peak electricity load, and plays a major role in leveling out the electricity demand.

Because it uses gas, it is economical

Low running cost

Because relatively inexpensive gas is used, the running cost is 70 to 80% of electric system.
Low running cost

*The information above is based on the data collected in Japan. This value in above example may vary depending on the region and country.

Electricity demand charges are reduced

Because the electricity consumption is low, the demand for electricity can be reduced.
Low consumption

*The information above is based on the data collected in Japan. This value in above example may vary depending on the region and country.

Initial costs are reduced

High voltage power receiving and transforming equipment can be downsized. Therefore, cost reductions and space savings are achieved.
Initial cost

Superior comfort created by the engine.

Speedy Heating

Even if the outside temperature falls, the GHP keeps the room temperature comfortable by using the waste heat from engine exhaust.
Speedy heating

Powerful Heating

Utilizing the waste heat from engine exhaust, the GHP speedily brings the room temperature up to the preset temperature.
Powerful heating

Low fuel consumption

Low fuel consumption is achieved by the use of variable displacement compressors and the expanded lower limit of the engine speed.