Features of the E1-series Further improvements in energy efficiency,
environmental performance and installation flexibility are achieved.
E1-series "A low carbon society" in the ultimate sense would be a energy conservation society that emits carbon dioxide (CO2) only in an amount. To achieve this goal, it was imperative to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the future of the air conditioning industry. Aisin successfully developed a highly effective outdoor unit; E1-series by optimizing the design of major components such as the gas engine, compressors, and heat exchangers.

Features of the E1-series

The E1-series improved its economical and environmental performance. Furthermore, the reduction in size and weight expands its installation flexibility.
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Combined Installation
Our new product makes it possible to control the operation of the unit in combined regimes. High energy efficiency is achieved because it operates more efficiently in response to changes of an air conditioning load.
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Since it is possible to reuse the existing pipeline, the installation cost can be reduced. Replacement of existing equipment with high efficiency models would be a great help in reducing the running costs.
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