Aisin Group to exhibit at 21st ITS World Congress in Detroit

Aug. 28, 2014

News Release


Five companies in the Aisin Group* including Aisin Seiki will jointly exhibit at the 21st Intelligent Transport System World Congress -Detroit , held from Sunday, September 7 through Thursday, September 11 at COBO Center, Detroit, USA.

The theme of the exhibit will be "Human-Friendly Mobility for the Achievement of Secure and Fun-Filled Sustainable Communities." The Aisin Group booth will feature the debut exhibition of our "see-through mirror monitor," which provides drivers with a direct grasp of what is happening in blind spots. The system works by synthesizing video feed from cameras inside and outside the vehicle, showing areas hidden by pillars or back seats, etc. on the rear-view mirror, giving drivers a clearer picture of other vehicles during lane changes and so forth, and preventing collisions with pedestrians during reverse parking. We will also present a driving simulator offering virtual experience of Aisin technologies such as next-generation HMI, automatic parking, AR guidance, distraction alarm, automatic brake, and integrated vehicle control. The exhibition illustrates how Aisin Group technologies are helping to build a positive future for people and vehicles. 

During the showcase (outdoor demonstration) program at the venue, we will present a range of technologies that provide "Human-Friendly Mobility for Supporting Child Safety," including a driver distraction alarm, pedestrian detector that alerts drivers, and automatic parking system, mounted in a demonstration vehicle on course that simulates actual US driving and parking environments. Visitors will be able to experience the see-through mirror monitor and  automatic brake, which help prevent collisions with children while front-end-parked vehicles are backing out, a source of great public concern in the US. 


*Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd., ADVICS Co., Ltd., IMRA America, Inc. (USA), IMRA Europe S.A.S. (France)