Visible Motion / Satoshi Yoshiizumi

Cocoon / Hideki Yoshimoto

Transfer / Shingo Abe

This installation expresses cutting-edge automotive technologies that can normally only be found on the inside of a car. By showing the “beautiful movements” created by such technologies, it aims to evoke the concept of “creation of human-mobility relationship”, which is the goal of AISIN. In a large pool containing a special fluid, a tire’ s contact surface appears in 3D. It forms sweeping arches and passes through effortlessly, only showing tread marks of the movements. The confrontation between the viewer and the large water basin lends way to a meeting of the viewer and movement, creating a sense of relationship between person and mobility and resulting in a significant experiential impact.


Space: approx.135 ㎡

Materials: magnetic fluid, aluminum, electronic substrate, acrylic, neodymium magnets,

melamine board

What kind of a role will future vehicles play for human beings? For AISIN, the answer to this question is, in essence, a partner—one that is there to assist you, understand your feelings and is willing to listen to your needs.

This installation aims to symbolise the values of the partnership between humans and a future car. The pure-white vehicle illuminated in a tranquil space is made of weaved threads, reminiscent of a cocoon. This sculpture of a car, presented as an organic, soft and delicate entity, suggests that the relationship between humans and cars will become more intimate and of closer rapport in the future.


Size: W3785 x D1750 x H1250mm

Space: approx. 75 ㎡

Materials: thread, wood, aluminum, steel, plastic film, LED, electronic circuit board

AISIN’s technology and the future it will bring about is presented in high definition using two projectors on a huge canvas. This graphical animation races through an abstract space created entirely with computer images, from infinitely expanding technologies to the changes wrought to vehicles through their interactions, arriving at the new scenery they bring about.

Existing, individual technologies change as they interact, giving rise to new, next generation technology –“Automated Driving”, “Connected” and “Zero Emission”.

This work allows us to catch a glimpse of part of the future, which we can aim for only because of what the AISIN Group is doing today.


Space: approx.55 ㎡

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