Milan Design Week 2016

April 12th to 17th 2016

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. exhibited at “Milan Design Week 2016,” the world largest design festival from April 12th to 17th.

The theme is “Imagine New days,” which is Aisin’s design project that considers the possible lifestyle changes in future generations.

Aisin has been taking part in Milan Design Week since 2014 and this year was our third participation.

Collaborating with Masaru Suzuki (Textile Designer), Hideki Yoshimoto (Design Engineer) and Setsu & Shinobu Ito (Designers), we proposed a new possibility which enrich people’s lifestyles.

Milano Design Award 2016
“Best Engagement by IED”


We won the "Milano Design Award 2016 for Best Engagement by IED" for our exhibit on the theme of "Imagine New Days" at Milan Design Week 2016, out of 1,135 exhibitors.
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Exhibition Outline

Theme: Imagine New Days


April 12th to 17th 2016 / 10:00 - 21:00

(closes at 18:30 on the last day)

Opening Reception: April 12th 2016 / 18:00 - 21:00


Superstudio Più LOUNGE

Via Tortona 27, Milan

Exhibition Space: 380㎡

Drive to shine

Hideki Yoshimoto(Design Engineer)


Inside the tunnel spreads an illusionary landscape. Cogs of different size mesh with each other and rotate slowly. Light shines through perforations in each cog to create a projection on the floor reminiscent of dappled sunlight in woodlands. The field of light is a symbol of affluence and pleasure provided by cars.

The cogs that create the field are a symbol of Aisin, which has been supporting the society. At the climax of the tunnel is a large “tree” which acts as the core element of this installation. Every cog and its light is connected to this tree; when people touch the trunk of the tree, light spreads from this point to all the cogs as if energy was conveyed to the whole tunnel. This engagement of the audience will indicate that it is actually people in society who keep Aisin driving forward.


Masaru Suzuki(Textile Designer)


We see a peaceful space that is woven together by stitches of sewing machine threads and sways to the breezes that pass through. This space that conjures an image of a grassy plain where you can freely explore and rest is composed of countless textiles decorated with stitches made by hand using Aisin’s sewing machine “OEKAKI50” . And by actually making stitches with the sewing machine, visitors can experience in person the fun of monozukuri.


Setsu & Shinobu Ito(Designers)


TORTA is a set of sewing table and stools that look as if they have been cut out of a cake. Two people - whether a mother and child or two friends - can sit together and take turns using the “OEKAKI50” .

It proposes a monozukuri style using a new type of sewing machine. The stools are topped with Aisin’s original cushion material called FINE REVO*, inviting you to a fun sewing machine experience.



Made of endurance material with a 30 year guarantee for mattresses that offer you supportive and deeply restful sleep experience.




The sewing machine “OEKAKI50” used to create the installation “STITCH FIELD” will also make an appearance within the space. We invite you to try the “OEKAKI” mode, which allows you to embroider as freely as drawing pictures, to reawaken your inner fun of creating.


Exhibition Organizer

LOUNGE, Superstudio Più

Address: Via Tortona 27、Milan

Access: Metro, MM2 (Green line), P.Ta Genova


2-1 Asahi-machi, Kariya, Aichi 448-8650, Japan


Exhibition Producer: Toshiki Kiriyama(TRUNK)


Exhibition Space Design: Hikaru Mori(ZITOMORI)


Sound Design: Masato Hatanaka


Lighting Adviser: Izumi Okayasu

Milano Design Award 2016


We won the "Milano Design Award 2016 Best Engagement by IED" for our exhibiton at Milan Design Week 2016, from 1,135 exhibitors.

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