Imagine New Days Design Imagine the Future and Make It a Reality

We at Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. have been involved in people’s lives as an auto parts manufacturer with superior technology working in collaboration with automakers.

 “Imagine New Days” is AISIN’s design project led by Aisin Seiki designers that considers, together with top quality creators, the possible lifestyle changes for future generations.


Superior design can support our daily lives, put out feelers to foresee the future, explore stories that go even further in time as it envisions with its wide range of expressions the next-generation lifestyle, and provide inspiration for tomorrow.


It is our wish that the stories we have conceived and visualized will resonate with our customers and lead to new comfort and experiences, and help build a new generation and culture.

Imagine New Days




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Exhibition Outline


Theme: Imagine New Days


 April 14th to 19th 2015 / 10:00-20:00

 (closes at 18:30 on the last day)

   Opening Reception: April 13th 2015 / 18:30-20:00


 LOUNGE, Superstudio Più

 Via Tortona 27, Milan

Exhibition Space: 380㎡

About Our Exhibition


AISIN Design × Chiba Institute of Technology (fuRo / Future Robotics Technology Center)


The ILY-A is a personal mobility device of the future that comes with safety features issued from robot technology. Designed by AISIN Design and developed by fuRo, the body can be transformed into four different modes (vehicle, kickboard, cart, and carry). It is a device that will serve as futuristic “legs” for people of all ages from youths to active seniors in all kinds of scenes, supporting their locomotion and activities. This is where a new type of connection between people and mobility begins.


AISIN Design × Setsu & Shinobu ITO


The ILY-I is an “Interactive furniture mobility” that is designed to be used indoors. Powered by battery, a controller is used to direct its course and sensors regulate the speed. It is an intelligent armchair that allows for compact movements like walking and rotating.


Ryota Kuwakubo (IAMAS)


Through its installation piece that conjures a sense of magic and nostalgia, AISIN expresses a new lifestyle that it envisions. On the screen are enlarged shadows of components of AISIN products like transmissions, and we take a journey by threading through their forms as we view each of them. People’s enriched lives are supported by technologies that we normally are unable to see.

Photo by Daisuke Oki


Exhibition Organizer

LOUNGE, Superstudio Più

Address: Via Tortona 27、Milan

Access: Metro, MM2 (Green line), P.Ta Genova


2-1 Asahi-machi, Kariya, Aichi 448-8650, Japan