To promote use of electric vehicles toward the reduction of CO2 emissions, we are working to help curb global warming with products that contribute to reducing fuel consumption and achieving cleaner exhaust in automobiles, such as electric drive units.

Challenges and needs in society

  • Shift to carbon-free society to address the risk of climate change

Ideal situation

  • We contribute both to users and the global environment by achieving safe and enjoyable driving and cleaner mobility.


  • Expand range of electric products to meet a wide range of user needs

Electrification Initiatives

We are accelerating our shift to electrification to improve fuel efficiency and reduce materials that place a burden on the environment by promoting development of electric drive units, heat management systems and electronically controlled brake systems.

A broad lineup of products for electric vehicles

Example cases

Electric units

Electric units

Based on our experience and expertise in the development and production of traditional transmissions, including automatic transmissions and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), we have expanded our product lineup of hybrid transmissions, eAxle and electric units. We will continue to advance development of next-generation products to promote all-directional product development.

Heat management system

Heat management system

We achieve optimal temperature control through heat management in automotive systems to get the most out of components, such as the motor and battery.We are working to help solve environmental issues by proposing electric water pumps and other systems to improve electric range and fuel mileage.

Electronically controlled brake systems(Cooperative regenerative brake systems)

Electronically controlled brake systems (Cooperative regenerative brake systems)

These brake systems are installed in electric vehicles, such as HVs and EVs, enabling energy to be recovered while still providing smooth handling and optimum brake performance. Useful in improving fuel economy, These systems are helping to solve environmental issues.