We leverage our experience in the development of vehicle navigation systems to realize solutions that will contribute to safe and comfortable mobility in societies of the future.

Challenges and needs in society

  • Traffic accidents, congestion, natural disasters, urbanization and widening inequality
  • New needs due to changing work styles

Ideal situation

  • Provide a variety of uses (services, apps, content and platforms) to increase value for mobility users.


  • Utilizing location-based information technology cultivated in the development of vehicle navigation systems to provide services, applications, contents and platforms that offer value to mobile users
  • Introducing new solutions to address challenges in society, such as difficulties in everyday life and mobility
  • Promoting location-based information with a variety of external partners to create new business models

MaaS initiatives

As we provide solutions to problems, we will also add value to our services through the implementation of an LBS cycle, in which we collect data, analyze big data, provide services and gather used data again.

Example cases

Logistics support service

Logistics support service

We offer a total support service, from departure to arrival, by providing detailed information on delivery locations in addition to delivery plans and road guidance optimized for each logistics site. This is a service for improving efficiency and flexibility of delivery work.

Road maintenance and management support service

Road maintenance and management support service

We offer a support service for road maintenance management by detecting abnormal road conditions based on information collected from operating vehicles, providing such information, supporting formulation of repair plans and preparing road maintenance plans after repair.