Accelerating our development of automated driving technology with brake and vehicle dynamics control technology to achieve zero traffic accidents.

Challenges and needs in society

  • Increasing fatal traffic accidents and people who have difficulty in moving due to aging and depopulation
  • Response to safety-related laws and regulations and assessments in each country
  • Provision of new value and services in a mobility society

Ideal situation

  • We achieve zero fatal traffic accidents and contribute to a driving society that meets this era's need for safer, more convenient and more enjoyable driving


  • Providing systems that contribute to automated driving by utilizing advanced technologies cultivated in the development of chassis and brakes
  • Early introduction of competitive products incorporating the latest technologies, including AI (deep learning)
  • With an eye toward the next-generation mobility society, creating new services including infrastructure, such as automated valet parking
  • To provide safe and secure mobility space, offering solutions for watching the driver and occupants

Automated driving initiatives

AISIN Group combines a wide range of devices and technology in a wide range of driving phases to achieve safety, comfort and peace of mind, eliminate traffic accidents and alleviate traffic congestion.

Example cases

Driver monitoring system (DMS)

Driver monitoring system (DMS)

To eliminate traffic accidents caused by drivers taking their eyes off the road or falling asleep while driving, our driver monitoring systems detect closed eyes, line of sight and face angle and use an alarm to alert the driver.

Automated parking

Automated parking

Our parking systems automate parking operations to meet the need for easier and safer parallel parking and parking in garages.