We actively engage in IR activities, making use of various opportunities to strengthen communication with our shareholders and investors, such as presentations for investors and one-on-one dialog. Business strategies, financial information and other relevant information is disclosed in a timely manner, and we are always striving to disclose more information. We receive valuable feedback through constructive dialog with our shareholders and investors, which we pass on to our management and relevant departments as appropriate and apply to initiatives to achieve sustainable growth and improvement of our corporate value in the medium and long term.

Disclosure and IR activities

Stakeholder Main method of dialog Frequency Details Application to business activities
Shareholders and investors General Meeting of Shareholders Once per year Business reports, consolidated financial statements, other financial statements, reports on audit results and discussion and decisionmaking about finances Initiatives to improve quality of management and increase corporate value in the medium to long term
Financial results briefing Four times per year Press conferences and teleconferences about financial summaries
Individual visits and inquiries As needed Explanations and exchanges of opinion with institutional and individual investors about the company‘s financial situation, businesses and products
Provision of information in Group Reports and on the company website As needed Dissemination of information on the company and its business activities. Creation of FAQ, etc.

Inclusion in ESG indexes

AISIN is rated highly by ESG evaluation bodies around the world and has been selected as a composition of ESG indexes both in Japan and overseas (as of September 2020).

We are working to strengthen our ESG activities even further based on each evaluation index.

Stock market indexes Details Logo
FTSE4Good Index Series Issued by FTSE Russell, a global index provider, this index is used to select companies with a strong performance in ESG (environmental, social and governance) activities.
FTSE Blossom Japan Index This index was adopted for ESG investments by GPIF, which operates Japan’s official pension system. It is applied to Japanese companies.
CDP CDP, an international NPO, carries out environmental surveys of over 5,000 companies around the world, representing institutional investors with total managed assets of US$96 trillion.
S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index This index focuses on the current disclosure of environmental information and level of carbon efficiency (carbon emissions per sales), using TOPIX, a leading stock market index used for Japanese market trends, as a universe. Composition weighting is performed.
SOMPO Sustainability Index This index comprises brands for around 300 companies with excellent ESG performance. It is used for SOMPO Sustainable Management, performed by the same company.