Employee development that respects individuality

At AISIN Group, we are committed to developing globallyminded employees who are capable of viewing matters from a broad perspective and possess a diverse range of values, irrespective of gender, nationality or age. This is of particular importance in Japan, where we are seeing a declining birthrate and aging population. We respect the individuality of our employees as part of our Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility, and provide education and training so that employees can make the most of their abilities based on the AISIN Way, which indicates the values and principles of conduct that need to be shared throughout the group.

Development of globally-minded employees who increase our competitiveness

AISIN Group is continuing to accelerate our development of employees who are capable of engaging in global business. Before employees from the 13 core companies in AISIN Group leave for an overseas position, they receive training on different cultures.

Aisin Seiki also promotes exchange with overseas employees for the purpose of training young local employees at our overseas sites.

Nurturing technical and production personnel who can contribute to development in each country

To cultivate future leaders of manufacturing operations, AISIN Group operates Aisin Technical Academy and Aisin AW Advanced Skill Training Academy to provide education on practical technical skills for one year to staff members who have entered AISIN Group in Japan and trainees dispatched from overseas. To date, a total of 6,000 members from group companies in Japan have graduated from these academies. AISIN Group has accepted overseas trainees from 23 locations in 11 countries, and these graduates are now playing key roles at overseas subsidiaries in supervisory or technical capacities.

To ensure that knowledge and skills specific to each workplace are passed on reliably, we are working to visualize and systematize knowledge and skills that are regarded as implicit knowledge, and the experience and judgment of individual employees. We have also turned rules that need to be observed and actions that need to be taken by technical personnel into explicit knowledge. Through AISIN Basic Seminars, in which supervisors instill this now-explicit knowledge in trainees with thorough on-site guidance, we have been expanding our system and framework to pass on AISIN-style skills globally throughout AISIN Group.

Aisin Technical Academy
Aisin Technical Academy

This facility provides practical education to cultivate leaders of manufacturing operations