Placing health and safety above all else

As a corporate group conducting global business, creating safe, healthy and hygienic workplaces for our employees is crucial at all of our sites. Based on the core principle that putting health and safety first at all times is the foundation of value creation in a company, AISIN Group continually strives to enhance the health and safety of all employees.

Framework to promote safety and hygiene

To ensure that no lives are lost on AISIN Group premises, a Consolidated Health and Safety Committee has been established. Comprising the presidents of every company in AISIN Group, the committee works to unify policies and standards to ensure the safety of everyone who works on our premises. The president of the committee appointed a director who is responsible for overseeing health and safety throughout the company, according to Article 10 of Industrial Health and Safety Act. In March 2019, we asked a third-party organization to provide safety seminars for the officers in charge of our safety operations.

Specialist safety training was also provided to ordering staff to prevent serious accidents in contracted work and ensure that the ALL TOYOTA Safety Standard for Contractor Work on the Premises is enacted correctly by the contractor and our ordering staff.

As a result of these measures, the rate of disabling injuries occurring in the workplace decreased at our 13 core group companies. However, accidents involving employees getting caught in machinery are still continuing, so we are carrying out group-wide initiatives to prevent these accidents and become the world’s safest corporate group.

Organizational Diagram of Consolidated Safety and Health Committee *

Organizational Diagram of Consolidated Safety and Health Committee
Organizational Diagram of Consolidated Safety and Health Committee

*As of the end of FY 2020

Initiatives to prevent anticipated accidents and prevent reoccurrence of past accidents

AISIN Group is committed to ensuring that accidents at our sites do not occur again. Group-wide safety standards have been established and facility safety, risk assessment and safety training initiatives have been thoroughly strengthened throughout the group since 2016 to ensure that no lives are lost on our premises.

AISIN Global Safety Standard (AGSS) has also been established to prevent STOP6* accidents, and risk assessments and safety inspections are carried out when equipment is received or modified. In fiscal year 2020, the top management of each company in AISIN Group thoroughly surveyed their respective companies’ sites and implemented occupational health and safety activities according to an action plan.

*The six causes of the most serious accidents in the Toyota Group (1. getting caught in machinery, 2. contact with heavy objects, 3. contact with vehicles, 4. falls, 5. electrocution, 6. contact with high temperature objects)

Serious accidents within AISIN Group (consolidated for both domestic and overseas)
Serious accidents within AISIN Group (consolidated for both domestic and overseas)
STOP6 accidents resulting in lost work in AISIN Group (13 core companies)
STOP6 accidents resulting in lost work in AISIN Group (13 core companies)
Rate of disabling injuries occurring in the workplace
Rate of disabling injuries occurring in the workplace

Serious accident

①Overview of the accident

At 10:16am on December 24, 2017, a piece of machinery used to process parts in Plant 1 of what used to be Aisin AI Co., Ltd.* fell over while it was being transported. One contractor who was working in the plant was killed, and another was injured.
Our thoughts are with the loved ones of the contractor who lost his life in this tragedy, and we express our sincerest apologies.
It is unacceptable that such a serious accident occurred in AISIN Group. We have identified the cause of the accident and thoroughly improved our safety measures.

*Aisin AI Co., Ltd. merged with Aisin AW Co., Ltd. in April 2019, and Aisin AW merged with Aisin Corporation in April 2021.

②Preventing future accidents

At safety training seminars given to contractors by AISIN Group, we explained to general and construction contractors about why such a serious accident happened and the safety procedures that are now required when moving heavy items, using illustrations and mechanisms.
We hold seminars of this nature three times per year, where we provide ongoing training on the types of accidents that can occur in high-risk work, including being trapped in machinery, falling from high places or being injured by heavy items falling down. We use past accidents to provide context.
We also help construction contractors to make a plan for safe construction and address any concerns they have during safety patrols while they are working to ensure the safety of all contractors working on our premises.

Initiatives to prevent disaster and minimize damage in the event that a disaster occurs

AISIN Group learned an important lesson from the fire at our Kariya Plant in 1997. We are working together as a group to increase employees’ knowledge and awareness about preventing fires, provide extensive training on fire prevention, foster a working culture that prioritizes fire prevention and increase employees’ risk sensitivity.

AISIN Group has established four standardized actions (basic actions) to ensure that fast action is taken in the event of a fire to minimize damage. In addition to carrying out ongoing training, we have created a training DVD with actual footage so that employees at Aisin Seiki and our group companies understand the purpose of everything they are being asked to do.

In particular, we have noticed that employees sometimes hesitate before activating the fire alarm. We have created a demo unit for use in training at our domestic and overseas group companies.

Footage on training DVD
Footage on training DVD
Footage on training DVD
Footage on training DVD
Fire training
Fire training

4 basic actions when a fire occurs

  • Shout “Fire!”
  • Activate the fire alarm by pressing the button
  • Check that the surrounding area is safe and use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire
  • Evacuate if you think it is too dangerous to remain in the area
Fires within AISIN Group (domestic and overseas)
Fires within AISIN Group (domestic and overseas)

Top-down initiatives to instill an awareness of safety to put our principle of placing health and safety above all else into practice

AISIN Group carries out safety management seminars for the top safety managers at all of our group companies to strengthen cooperation and improve safety.

In fiscal year 2020, our managers held safety seminars. We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable, and our officers maintain a high level of safety at all times and never stop educating each other about safety. The whole of AISIN Group works together to improve our awareness of safety and build a safety-first culture through the use of felt leadership* at an officer level.

*A form of leadership in which the top management have a passionate awareness about safety.

We also provide extensive training for employees to ensure that every employee has the knowledge necessary to prevent accidents.

We reflect on past accidents and work to improve the health and safety competency of all of our employees. VR is a core tool in this training.

Number of employees who have attended this training
Number of employees who have attended this training

In addition to our employee training, we have established safety rules for our contractors and vendors so that everyone who works on our premises is involved in preventing accidents. Safety seminars are held three times per year to improve the safety management skills of everyone at our sites. We regularly seek feedback, and have a safety management framework in place to foster mutual understanding.

External contractors who have attended our safety and environmental seminars
External contractors who have attended our safety and environmental seminars

Activities to maintain and promote the health of employees

Aisin Seiki has earned accreditation under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organizations Recognition Program for four years running and has implemented a variety of measures to promote the physical and mental health of our employees.


Initiatives to maintain and improve physical health

If a health checkup for an employee (either at a domestic site or posted overseas) indicates that an employee is at a high risk for neurological or cardiac conditions, we take the necessary measures to ensure their health. Advice on points such as smoking, exercise and diet is given to address the risk of lifestyle diseases. To prevent passive smoking, we set up designated smoking areas at each of our business sites from 2012, and made all indoor areas smokefree from 2015.

Initiatives to maintain and improve mental health

We take various measures, including mental health education, line care training attended by managers and supervisors at group companies, stress checks and an employee assistance program, to help our employees prevent mental health issues and detect any issues that arise as quickly as possible. We have also built a framework to provide support to employees on long-term leave with a Return to Work Trial and follow-up support to help make their return as smooth as possible and ensure that their experience at work afterwards is positive.

Initiatives to prevent infectious diseases

As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have created basic policies and a manual for preventing transmission. Actions to be taken by employees are clearly indicated, and the entire group is working to stop the spread.