As a global Tier One supplier, AISIN Group creates working environments that respect the working practices of employees with diverse values and enable each of those employees to thrive. As our employees grow together, they raise the value of the company and contribute to the building of a sustainable society.

Basic Policy

AISIN Group are intensely aware that respect for human rights forms the foundation of our every business activity. We must deepen our understanding of and take appropriate action for various human rights issues related to our activities in each country and business.

AISIN Group Human Rights Policy

In order to realize the management philosophy based on "Impressed by" movement "and smile in the future", "Move and change by yourself!" Based on the idea of ​​"creating!", Through business activities such as "manufacturing," we will strive to harmonize people and the earth for the future and solve environmental and social issues.

Promotion system

Promotion system
Promotion system

Training, awareness-raising activities and a consultation service regarding human rights

takes every opportunity to educate our employees on human rights, from initial training for new employees to additional training for those receiving a promotion or being appointed as a director, under AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior and Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility. In addition to common CSR training for the 13 core companies in AISIN Group, we invited a guest lecturer from the Aichi Labor Bureau and hold a training seminar on fair recruitment by group companies. Our compliance consultation service accepts a wide range of questions and allows anonymity. Thorough attention is paid to the rights of those using the service, including privacy and prevention of reprisal, when taking measures.

Employees who have received CSR training (e-learning)
Employees who have received CSR training (e-learning)

Affiliated groups and involvement in initiatives

AISIN Group is a member of the Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Aichi, an organization comprising 26 companies in Aichi Prefecture that works with relevant administrative bodies and organizations such as the Aichi prefectural government and labor board to raise awareness about human rights. We also work with the Corporate Federation for Dowa and Human Rights Issues in various regions to carry out education and awarenessraising activities in companies with the aim of creating a society where human rights are respected.

Human rights initiatives from a global perspective

Employee CSR surveys

From 2020, we conducted a an employee CSR survey practices at 200 domestic and overseas group companies to assess our companies’ compliance related to HR and labor requirements and their management of human rights according to the laws and regulations of their respective countries, AISIN Group Principles of Corporate Behavior and Guidelines in Compliance with Social Responsibility. Our management worked together with the relevant divisions and local holding companies to address issues found in the survey, and our suppliers were involved in our work to improve on these points.

Responsible procurement of minerals (measures against conflict minerals)

In fiscal year 2020, we continued to investigate our supply chain to determine whether conflict minerals were used, as part of our initiatives for responsible procurement of minerals (measures against conflict minerals). The results were reported to our customers.

We are also involved in work by industry organizations to establish effective procurement methods and increase understanding of this issue through presentations. AISIN Group will continue to promote responsible procurement of minerals by promoting appropriate procurement of resources and materials based on the following policy.

Policy on the procurement of minerals

To promote global mineral procurement that takes into account the impact on social issues such as human rights and the environment, AISIN Group carries out initiatives to avoid the use of minerals that are defined as an issue under the laws and regulations of each country (Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in the USA, Conflict Minerals Regulation in the EU, etc.). We ask that our suppliers understand our stance on this issue and work with us on the responsible procurement of minerals.

Optimization of management of technical intern training program (supervising organization type)

In group companies that accept technical trainees from supervising organizations, we conduct regular autonomous inspections as part of our management. These inspections consist of 25 items on compliance and human rights, including confirming that employees are not engaging in work that differs from the agreed-upon plan and that they are paid appropriately.