AISIN Group Health Declaration

Our management philosophy includes the ambition to impress people all over the world by providing all kinds of “movement” experiences that move the “heart”.

Also, in April 2021, we stated the AISIN Group Health Declaration and are working on health management based on the recognition that the safety and health of working colleagues is the highest priority in pursuing all the qualities that our customers demand.

About the promotion system of "Aisin Group's health management"

In promoting "Aisin Group Health Management“, we established a specialized organization for health management, including professionals such as industrial physicians and public health nurses, and we are studying and implementing health promotion measures for individual employees and the work environment.
We have established the Health Management Promotion Council to take measures more effectively.
Regular meetings are held with AISIN health insurance society and AISIN Workers’ union to set medium- to long-term goals.
Status of health management activities are reported to the Consolidated Safety and Health Committee which the presidents of AISIN Group companies will attend.
We evaluate the effectiveness of measures and review plans.
In addition, at Japanese and overseas group companies, through the ALL AISIN Health Subcommittee, we share activities and promote health measures as a group.

About the promotion system of
About the promotion system of

Our challenges and goals of health

We want our colleagues to have a healthy and fruitful life, both physically and mentally.
However, mental illness numbers are a large percentage of long-term absenteeism and the number of leave of absence for lifestyle-related diseases is increasing.
In response to these productivity-related health issues, the Aisin Group Health Vision was set up in 2021 toward 2030.
This vision aims to create a company that maintains and promotes physical and mental health continuously and voluntarily, and can continue to take on challenges in a lively and positive manner.
We set the following targets with the influential factors of health issues as priority management items.

items Target
Percentage of BMI 25 or higher 23%
Smoking rate 24.2%
New mental illness leave rate 0.8%
Mental education attendance rate 100%


Understanding employee health issues and necessary measures

  • Regular medical examination implementation rate 100%
  • Support for prevention of becoming severe illness based on the results of health examinations
  • Implementation of stress checks and support for people with High stress level stress
  • Workplace improvement activities through organizational diagnosis

Measures to improve work engagement

  • Enhancement of various health education to improve health literacy
  • Support for balancing work and illness treatment

Specific measures for mental and physical health

BMI optimization activity

  • Health lecture
  • Holding health events (walking, etc.)
  • Enhancement of milestone health guidance
  • Efforts to maximize the effect of specific health guidance

Passive smoking prevention and smoking rate reduction activities

  • Smoking cessation support activities in line with smoking cessation on the premises
  • Recommendation of non-smoking outpatients linked with health insurance association

Infection control

  • Implementation of influenza vaccination / Infection measures
  • Distribution of new coronavirus workplace environment measures and countermeasure guides

Activities to prevent and prevent recurrence of mentally ill people

  • Strengthening self-care and line care education
  • Reliable support for returning to work through a reinstatement trial
  • Establishment of a helpdesk that responds to changes in the work environment

Activities to maintain and promote the health of employees

Aisin Seiki has earned accreditation under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organizations Recognition Program for four years running and has implemented a variety of measures to promote the physical and mental health of our employees.