We believe that creating workplaces that are healthy, safe and easy to work in is an essential part of the development and growth of AISIN Group. Here are some of our activities related to human rights, labor practices and HR.

Human rights

We have posted our basic policy for the creation of workplaces where employees with diverse values can thrive and be involved in improving the value of AISIN and building a sustainable society.

Labor Practices

Read about our principles for achieving steady employment over the long term that enables every employee to grow and contribute to achieving sound and sustainable business growth.

Human Resources Development

Read about the training we provide to develop globally-minded employees who are capable of viewing matters from a broad perspective and possess a diverse range of values.

Harnessing a Diverse Range of Human Resources

Read about our principles for promoting diversity and creating workplaces where employees can thrive irrespective of their gender, nationality, physical or mental health and the amount of time they have spent working at the company.

Employee Safety and Health

Read about our initiatives to improve health and safety for our employees based on the core principle of placing health and safety above all else.