Corporate principles
Based on “Quality First”

1. Enhanced value creation

We are committed to contributing to the advancement of society through future-oriented research and development that provides new value for our customers.

2. Continuous global growth

We are committed to steady development and growth in the global marketplace by establishing the foundations of our business activities in local values, cultures and customs.

3. Harmony with society and nature

We are committed to earning trust as a responsible corporate citizen by valuing harmony with society and nature.

4. Individual creativity and initiative

We are committed to building a work environment that promotes continuous progress by developing the creativity and initiative of individual employees.

Financial and non-financial highlights

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Message from top management

Two reforms to transform
AISIN and survive these
turbulent times

Since AISIN Group was first established in 1965, our work has been guided by the principle of “Quality First”, with our branch management enabling us to distinguish ourselves with highly specialist products and services. For over 50 years, we have honed our outstanding technology development, excellent manufacturing and comprehensive strength as a group.

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Financial strategies of AISIN Group

Aiming to build foundations for sustainable growth and maximize corporate value

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Results of our value creation initiatives - Business Report -

From a virtual company system to a company system:
maximizing the value of our businesses throughout the group in a sustainable way

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