Message from the Chairman and President

In fiscal 2019, we achieved record sales through initiatives to make our existing businesses more competitive, accelerate growth strategies with a view to the next generation and reinforce our management foundations for sustainable growth. It is thanks to our stakeholders that we have been able to achieve this, and we would like to express our warmest gratitude to you all.
 The world’s automotive industry is currently facing the biggest period of change in 100 years. “Quality First” has been AISIN Group’s basic philosophy since we were first established. We continually approach our work with a customer-first mindset, striving to create safe and important, high quality products for our customers. This basic philosophy will continue to guide our work in the future as we aim to become a vibrant company that is truly competitive and provides new value.
 We hope that you will continue to support us and work with us in the future.

Financial and other highlights

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Message from Top Management

Laying the foundation for the next 50 years and beyond…

AISIN Group has contributed to the development of the automotive industry with advanced technology, superb manufacturing and cohesive strength as a group.
Now, the industry is facing the biggest period of change in over a century with new advances including electrification and automated driving.
We have the opportunity once again to contribute to the future of the industry by changing as a company, and here we will tell you about our plans and initiatives for sustainable growth.

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Financial strategies of AISIN Group

Financial support for structural reform with for medium- to long‑term value creationeliminate

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Results of our value creation initiatives - Business Report -

Our Virtual Company (VC) System has provided the guidelines for our next generation of growth and take on the global automotive market as a cohesive group.

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