Corporate security policies

Advances in IoT are connecting more and more items and types of information, bringing new value to society. Unfortunately, threats such as cyber attacks are being carried out more skillfully each day, and there is an ever-present threat that company information, customer details and other private information will be leaked. Attacks like these stand in the way of sustainable growth of companies, and it is critical that these risks are managed.

With this in mind, AISIN Group has established AISIN Group Information Security Basic Policy. Information assets that are entrusted to us by customers and trading partners or are related to the group’s business activities are vital assets of AISIN Group, and we carry out systematic, ongoing information security measures to protect them.

Corporate security system

Thus far, AISIN Group assigns the responsibilities and authority for corporate security and the protection and use of personal information to the officers responsible for the management of various risks that could severely impact our business and those responsible for establishing information strategies, IT investment plans and similar according to our management strategies.

From April 2020, we appointed a new Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to strengthen our corporate security governance throughout AISIN Group.

We also established the Global Aisin-Corporate Security Center (GA-CSC) as a specialist security organization to protect the company from risks such as cyber attacks and unauthorized actions by employees.

GA-CSC collects and deploys security-related information and handles incidents to enable early detection and a rapid response throughout AISIN Group.

Corporate security system
Corporate security system

*As of the end of FY 2020