We recognize that addressing environmental issues is a matter impacting all humans and is of critical importance to our corporate existence and business activities, and we proactively and positively address environmental issues.

AISIN Consolidated Environmental Policy

In order to realize the management philosophy based on "Impressed by" movement "and smile in the future", "Move and change by yourself!" Based on the idea of ​​"creating!", Through business activities such as "manufacturing," we will strive to harmonize people and the earth for the future and solve environmental and social issues.

Vision for 2050

Zero carbon society

Aim to achieve zero CO2 emissions at group sites and contribute to building a zero carbon society

Society focused on recycling of resources

Aim to minimize environmental impact by maximizing resource efficiency

Society in which people coexist with nature

Aim to achieve harmony with nature and local communities around the world

Fundamental activities

Aim to create more advanced environmental management systems

Vision for FY2031

We have set a 2030 target as a milestone toward the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.

  KPI Mar.2020
Icon:SDGs9 Icon:SDGs12 Life cycle CO2 emissions reduction rate 17,333,000
Improvement of accuracy
in understanding of results
for the purpose of setting targets
Reduction of 25%
or greater
Compared to 2013
Production CO2 emissions reduction rate (total) 2,819,000
Reduction of 35%
or greater
Compared to 2013
(2,474,000 t-CO2/year)

In addition, we formulate an environmental initiative plan that sets activity goals every five years, and we are working to achieve our goals.

Organizational Diagram of Consolidated Environmental Committee

Organizational Diagram of Consolidated Environmental Committee
Organizational Diagram of Consolidated Environmental Committee

Working groups lead AISIN Group’s environmental activities

ALL AISIN Working Groups play a crucial role in implementing our environmental activities globally (see figure above). We currently have Energy-saving, Environmental Conservation, EMS and Products Environmental working groups. All of these consist largely of members from 12 companies, with our affiliate companies also participating in these activities.

Common roles of working groups

  • Creation of medium- to long-term activity plans for each working group based on our consolidated medium- to long-term activity plans
  • Creation of annual activity plans based on the mediumto long-term activity plans for each working group and semiannual reporting of activities.
  • Establishment of various relevant consolidated guidelines, standards, etc.

Initiatives of our working groups


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions in our production work

Environmental conservation

  • Outperforming every other company in each region by achieving zero abnormalities and complaints related to the environment
    (1) Legal compliance activities
    (2) Risk management such as activities to prevent environmental accidents


  • Consolidated EMS training and training of consolidated auditors
  • Reporting of assessment plans at the All-Aisin Environment Meeting
  • Creation of EMS-related documents


  • Investigation and sharing of elements such as indexes for measuring a product’s impact on the environment and methods for managing chemicals
  • Visualization of the degree to which we are contributing to environmentally friendly products
  • Investigation and sharing of trends in laws and regulations concerning the impact of products on the environment

Basic environmental training

Attendees at environmental training
Attendees at environmental training
A training session (September, 2019)
A training session (September, 2019)