Consistently improving our environmental management system (EMS)

AISIN Group is continually improving its EMS to become one of the most environmentally friendly companies in existence. In addition to gaining the international ISO14001 standard, we have devised our own, more stringent management targets to work toward.

Our EMS Working Group carries out the following three activities to promote environmental management throughout the group.


Revision of the AISIN Consolidated EMS Manual and AISIN Group Green Procurement Guidelines


These resources are used to improve EMS at our domestic and overseas companies

3.Employee development

Active initiatives to improve the skills of environmental management personnel in our group companies, such as presentations with talks by experts

An assessment in China
An assessment in China
Three pillars of EMS activities
Three pillars of EMS activities

Promoting environmental activities around the world

AISIN Group has divided the world into seven regions, within which it holds regular liaison meetings to share activities on environmental issues for personnel who promote environmental initiatives. In this way, we are driving these activities both in Japan and overseas.
Moving forward, the group will continue to expand the scope and scale of its activities in regions around the world.


Activities under AISIN Group Green Procurement Guidelines

AISIN Group carries out various activities to promote understanding and cooperation of AISIN Group Green Procurement Guidelines among our suppliers. In fiscal year 2020, AISIN Group enhanced its management of substances that have an environmental impact, based on our guidelines, to ensure a reliable response to environmental laws and regulations, which are becoming more stringent every year in countries around the world. In order to accomplish this, AISIN Group requested surveys of chemicals contained in items purchased from our suppliers and had them disclose and register relevant information in a shared system for recording data on chemical substances.

Representatives from the procurement functions in 13 domestic group companies meet at AISIN Group Suppliers’ Environmental Inspection Liaison Meeting. These representatives conduct environmental risk inspections to prevent environmental issues at our suppliers’ companies. 245 companies with processes and/or facilities that place a particular burden on the environment have been identified as high-risk suppliers, and our representatives check that these companies are complying with laws and regulations, identify hazards and encourage the companies to improve on these points. In fiscal year 2020, we inspected 36 companies and confirmed that their improvements were completed (100% of planned work). Our management will continue to work with our Environment Dept. to instruct our suppliers on improvements.

AISIN Group Green Procurement Guidelines
Green Procurement Guidelines