In order for AISIN Group to help to solve social issues through its business activities and continue to be a company that is needed by society, each and every employee in the group needs to thoroughly understand why our SDG and ESG activities are important and how their own work relates to social issues. In short, our employees must understand how our priority issues apply to them. To achieve this, we work to raise the awareness of our officers and our employees at all levels through three steps: making people aware of the issues, giving them a full understanding of the issues and making them personally invested in solving the issues.

Features about the SDGs and ESG in group newsletters

We distribute group newsletters in Japanese, English, Chinese and Thai to provide our employees around the world with easy-to-understand explanations of international social trends, our vision for AISIN Group, issues we are prioritizing and specific initiatives we are carrying out.

Publishing details on our initiatives related to the SDGs and energy on our group intranet

We need everyone to be involved in our SDG initiatives, so we publish content from a variety of angles, including the initiatives we are carrying out and the energy that is used by AISIN Group.

Posters about the SDGs in our factories

Posters in Japanese and Portuguese are displayed in our factories so that our factory employees understand the basic principles of the SDGs and the role that they themselves play in their daily work.

Basic training on the SDGs and ESG for staff members

We provide training for staff members throughout AISIN Group, both in Japan and overseas, to equip them with a greater knowledge and lay the foundations for a deeper understanding of the SDGs and ESG.

  • ・E-learning about the SDGs and ESG (13 main group companies in Japan in FY2020)
  • ・Basic training about the SDGs and ESG with audio guidance (group companies in Japan and overseas sites; languages: Japanese, English and Chinese)

Understanding of the basics of the SDGs among employees

How employees want to contribute to achieving the SDGs

*Daily eco-friendly practices : Energy conservation, recycling, water conservation, trash sorting, etc.

Training and workshops on the SDGs and ESG at all levels

We hold training and workshops to provide employees at all levels with a greater understanding of AISIN Group's initiatives related to the SDGs and ESG.


  • ・Management seminar on the SDGs and ESG (December 2018)
  • ・TCFD seminar (November 2019)
  • ・Integrated report workshop (June 2020)
  • ・Training for new officers

Key people

  • ・Seminar on the SDGs and ESG (January 2019)
  • ・Interactive training on the SDGs (November 2019)
  • ・Integrated report workshop (June 2020)

General employees

  • ・Training for new employees
  • ・Seminar on CASE/SDGs for engineers (June 2020)
  • ・Workshop on CASE/SDGs for sales employees (October 2020)
  • ・Workshop on the SDGs at the request of each workplace (when requested)
image:A workshop requested by one workplace
A workshop requested by one workplace

Fostering understanding about how the SDGs relate to our employees' own work

To accelerate our initiatives to achieve our goals for 2030, we use a communication tool where each employee writes down how they have helped to achieve the SDGs through their own work. This gets our employees thinking about how the SDGs are relevant to their work, which helps to make each employee personally invested in achieving the SDGs.